Where can I get a Post Office box?


Hi All,
I been in Taipei for 4 weeks now. And one thing I am puzzled about is receiving my mail. Neither from here in Taiwan or from home. The hotel I am at, the hotel staff does not speak English. So I am very afraid that my mail might get toss out if they don’t know how to read it.

Does anyone know where I can get a post box??


You can get a post box from any of the post offices. Just ask and they will give you the form. It costs NT500 a year plus 300 for deposit, but I think you need ID (an ARC) to apply, unless a local person is willing to apply for you.

As Soddom says you can get one at any post office, however good luck to you. Usually they do not have them immediately you should wait 1-6 months sometimes. You need to ask them when they will have one and make them write your name down on a list and make sure you come back the day they tell you to. If you live outside Taipei it will be easier as you can persuade them easier to give you one ealier. I believe the key deposit is about $400, (so if you want the deposit back don’t lose the key) and each year is only around $300-$500NT. Make sure you ask them for a year at the beginning because it is very easy to forget to go back and ask them to extend it. If you stay here longer go back well in advance to extend your box time. They have a huge waiting list as I mentioned above and they will not hesitate to take it away the minute it expires. And they never notify you first. This is all based on experience, hope it helps.

One thing I forgot to mention is that you do not need an ARC to get a post office box. You can just use your passport. I didn’t have an ARC when I got my first one, but I cannot remember if they asked for my passport or not.


To qualify my earlier post, the prices I quoted are correct for the following and as of 3 months ago. My friend got his post box from the post office on Ho Ping E Rd, near Fu Hsing S Rd intersection. The box was available immediately.

If you’d like to take over my PO BOX at the Da-an PO, on the corner of Jienguo and Xinyi, I’m going to give it up at the end of this year. It served me well, but I’ve moved far away from it, and never check it anymore. I think it costs $400/year, and will be up for renewal quite soon.
email lori@segue.com.tw to arrange transfer.

But Mr. Freyer, you know you don’t need a PO BOX if you’re living in a hotel. Just have your mail addressed to you at Post Restante, Taipei. The main post office near the train station is the Post Restante office, FYI.

Hi Everynbody,
I just want to Thank you for all your responds. ALot of great information that I am looking in to.

Thank again.