Where can I get a reissue APRC from outside the country

I have an APRC, and I have applied and been accepted for two years outside the country. However, I lost the card while I was outside the country! I am planning to return soon, and I wonder how I can get a reissue of my APRC card.

Anyone else have this issue or ever solved it?

Aaaaaaand, to head off the derailleurs, yes, it is an APRC, not the Jxxx card, and yes, I have been careful to ask the Immigration office and get accepted to be absent from the country during the time I have been gone.

I am only having difficulty finding out how to get the card reissued since I lost it.

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First step would be your local Taiwan rep office.

I would take proof of your permission of absence, as well as any other proof you have permanent residence.

A photocopy of your APRC would go a very long way.

If your local Taiwan rep office aren’t helpful, you could try giving power of attorney to a trusted friend, mailing them your passport and asking them to go the NIA on your behalf and apply for a new one.

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You may need to get a visa, if your APRC cannot be reissued in Taiwan by your agent. I’d prefer to get a visa, rather than sending everything to someone in Taiwan with power of attorney.

If he got a visitor visa, entered Taiwan, and reapplied for his APRC, would he need to leave and re-enter with his APRC or would it automatically convert over?

I’m not sure if it is automatical, but they will change OP’s status on APRC.

I lost my APRC last Christmas when I was on vacation. I entered Taiwan and then explained my situation to the immigration officer there. I had to go to the NIA office and get my APRC reissued, I didn’t have to leave the country to do that. I can’t remember how long it took, but I went on vacation for Chinese New Year, so it must have been less than 3 weeks.
But I guess right now they aren’t issuing visitor visas? So you’d probably need to contact the Taiwan rep office where ever you are.

Your actual APRC hadn’t lapsed, you just lost the card right? I think you can just enter on the passport your APRC was issued against and get a replacement card once in Taiwan. Of course I’d call to check, but pretty sure it’s fine. Everything is in the computer.

A few years back, I had a family emergency and had to go to Hong Kong for a few days. I had just gotten a new passport, and the number didn’t match the one on my APRC. The jobsworths at customs made a phone call, and all was fine. It’s all on their central database.


High resolution color scan of your APRC front and back with your associated passport. If the airline allows you to board the plane, you should be ok.

Also, contact your nearest TECRO for directives first.