Where can I get DOS 6.0?

Do old OS’s get retired to OS heaven? Are they free to use now that they aren’t sold in stores? Can I now give legally make copies of windows 98?

Who know the answers? I’d like to get a copy of windows 98, but there’s no way to buy it (that I’m aware of).

Some companies do give away out-dated versions of their software (in the hope you will pay to upgrade). But Microsoft is not known for being flexible in copyright matters, for example you don’t ‘buy’ software from them, you ‘license’ it, so they can get around ‘fair use’. So technically, it is illegal.

Why do you want Windows 98 ? Do you have an old computer ?

It’s not for me, it’s for someone else.

I have a legal copy of Windows 98 first edition that is unused (or should I say unusable!). Seriously, it works, and you are welcome to have it. PM me if you like.

For DOS, check out freedos.org/ which is a free version of DOS which should do what you need.