Where can I get/download the Heath physical form for scooter test


I’m looking for the form you have to fill out and take to your local doctor to get a physical in order to take the motorcycle driving test.
The last form I filled out was giving to me through a rural outreach program where they went to our remote area to administer the driving test. The validity of my physical has expired. What is the title of the form?
I’m more than an hour away from motor vehicles so I really do not want to drive that far to get a form. Thanks.


I just went to the local hospital and told them what I wanted, filled out the forms there and had the test.
I think it cost NT200 in total and around 15 minutes.

If they do the test they should have the forms, but maybe better to phone first
(or get someone to phone for you)


As I remember it was not just health test form. It was more common since it was also used at DMV later to fill the scores at further tests.


Health test? I just went to a doctor across the street from the DMV and an old doctor and staff did the exam, no problem. The weird thing was the squatting with arms stretched? :thinking:


Yes, I originally got the form from an office the DMV rented out before the test with the other application junk and I took it to the hospital’s health check office.

In case you’re curious, we have a motorscooter test course painted on the ground in a local park. Every year or so, they rent an office, register applicants, bring in the equipment and have one day of testing.
Anyway, can someone type in Chinese the name of this exam or a Chinese sentence describing what I’m looking for?
I doubt any of the Guei Tai or any of the volunteers speak English