Where can I get lube?

Does anyone know where to get some good lube other than KY? Something like Astroglide or Wet …

Think Watsons has an alternative, but it’s neither of those. I remember Fresh gave out free condoms and lube packets last Xmas day (of all days!) when they had an AIDs awareness thing. The lube was called Liquid Silk, but I think they brought it over from England.

What a hopeless post. Sorry I can’t help! :blush:


We always get ours - Wet - from the States. We brought some over when we moved and restocked when I went back for a visit. Do you know anyone going to the States or a non-KY-only country soon?

By the way, I recommend not getting Wet Light (or whatever it is called). It is very runny!!!

Go to one of those sex shops. They’ve got lube there. Or so I’ve heard.

That’s what I’ve been thinking too … I’m just not thrilled at the thought of having some betel nut chewing yokel following me around in there, staring, and trying to ask about my sex life as a foreigner in Taiwan … but there’s no way in hell my boyfriend will go, so I guess I’m just gonna have to do it …

Yes, the sex shops have AstroGlide in big dispenser pots, and it