Where can I get my hair straightened?

Where can I get my hair permanently straightened in Taipei - preferable Northern area - Tienmu/ Shihlin area, but I will travel.

I’m looking for the chemical treatment that they have in Thailand, which makes your hair straight, shiny and not fly away. It normally lasts around 6 months.

Any ideas. Also as I don’t speak chinese, is there a good way to ask for this treatment?


You can go into any hair salon and get it done. No need to speak chinese. Just use hand motions. Every woman/man in this country gets it done. Its the same chemical treatment in thailand. It will last you up to 6 months, but it also depends on how curly your hair is. May last 4.
I got it done and it works wonders.

Is this the same treatment that is known as ‘hair rebinding’ in Singapore? Anyone know what it’s called in Chinese?

I have seen a few examples of hair straightening being done here and its not always been great… Some times the chemicals that are used make your hair even more frizzy than ever. On the other hand, the results of hair rebinding that I have seen in singapore have always been good… straight, shiny and smooth hair.

If anyone has more info, do share!

When it comes to straighten hair, when it comes to knock off a couple of years by colouring grey hair without speaking any Chinese you can call me a true expert. EGO is the name of the hair saloon, it is owned and ran by a French chap. Expensive but he understands his profession which cannot be said about most locally ran hair saloons. The place is located in a back alley behind Jen Ai Road near the Jen Ai/Tung Hwa circle, the chap’s name is William Tel. 0935-270706, epoca1930@yahoo.fr store details, No13-1, Alley 2, Lane 345, Sec. 4, Jen Ai Rd. Taipei, tel.87736282

Captain’s right. William’s the man and a close personal friend. Tel. 0935-270706


I prefer a lady named Diane Svensson. She is Taiwanese and married to a Swedish guy and has been a hairstylist in the USA, Hong Kong, Sweden and of course Taiwan. Perfect English speaking abilities and Swedish too if prefer. She is of course accredited and is constantly upgrading her skills.

She does a great job and quite a few people here on Forumosa go there.

Here is a link to her website.

I’ve used Diane several times and I really like her. I’m thinking of experimenting with my hair color. Anyone had any experience at her salon with color? and were you pleased with the result?