Where can I get my nails done in Changhua Taiwan?

Where can I find a place to get my nails done? I live in Changhua and I am in need for a fill (I have acrylic overlay) and a pedicure. please help! thanks!

Ask one of your co-teachers as there are some very good Vietnamese nail stylists. I’ll ask mine at work tonight, but I doubt I’ll have an address before Monday.

I know about a Saudi couple who can probably help you out–oh wait, wrong kind of nails.
Never mind.

Checked at work, the xiaojie who gets her nails done in Lugang is out sick for the week. The other ladies I asked don’t get their nails done and can’t be trusted to give accurate directions.*

*“There’s a place on Zhongzheng Rd” is not what I call accurate considering the road is 5 km long. :unamused: