Where can I get the best deal on Tag Heuer Watches?

Looking for an xmas gift, where is the best place to strike a deal?

My experience, as with most luxury goods here, is that prices from shop to shop are pretty fixed. It’s pretty much like buying a car; you might be able to finagle a 5-10% “preferred” customer discount, but it won’t vary too much. That being said, the shop (Omega?) on the corner of Fuxing N Rd and Civil Blvd are friendly and helpful, as is the Rolex shop on the corner of Chung Hsiao E Rd and Yenji Gie. Their great watches. I’ve had two from the Link series, the first for about 9 years, never intending to replace the first until my wife bought me a new one as a gift. She’s very happy with the one I gave her, as well! :slight_smile:

My husband and I have had this set of his-and-her watches for about ten years now. They still look and work great!