Where can I get the new Piaggio mp3 3 wheeled scooter?

Hi there,

Has anyone out there seen any motorcycles shops selling the Piaggio MP3 scooter. It’s the scooter with 2 front wheels and one rear wheel.

If so, how much are they going for?


that is a very expensive and not very convenient scooter for taiwan… the 250cc is about 7k USD…, the 500cc about 9k, and they dont have bigger than that so for what is worth it there would be no red plate for it…

here is the link for the scooter

Yeah. Very expensive. Look for paying close to NT$300,000 for the 250cc if it ever becomes available in Taiwan.

I’ve see many of them in France, especially Paris … and some in Belgium … can’t see why one would buy them … 2 wheels is cooler :wink:

I don’t know why I like it! When I first saw it I thought 3 wheels?! Phhhttttt! But I’ve gradually become more and more keen on them. Unfortunately I’m in to bikes that have potential for carrying a lot of things with it, and this one looks like it can carry a lot. The other thing is I know how expensive they are here in th UK, and that bikes in Taiwan tend to market for half the price they over here. So, I’m also fishing for bargain!

Not Italian made … they are expensive over here …

my friend, what you are looking for is one of 2 options:

  1. a trailer for your bike (which i think its not legal in Taiwan)
  2. a Honda Goldwing
    in any of those u cam store a lot of things…

Saw one of those 3 wheel piaggios the other day. Pretty cool. I wonder why dont they make the rear wheels the same, so it becomes a 4wheel scooter?? Wonder if that will be safer?