Where can I get Xanax/Ativan?

I’ll be flying soon for CNY and I hate feeling trapped on planes. Hence the reason I usually take an ativan or xanax. Would regular doctors prescribe the pills here?


I always found the general rule in Taiwan to be you pay your money and the doctor dispenses.

Just don’t end up on the news:

[quote]An American woman residing in Taiwan reportedly obtained massive amounts of sleeping pills through Taiwan’s national health insurance, each year. But between January and October this year, the 50-year-old woman reduced her sleeping pill usage by 72 percent, with help from the Bureau of National Health Insurance (NHI). According to the NHI, the patient, who has lived in Taiwan for 20 years, picked up roughly 10,000 sleeping pills in 2007 because of psychological problems derived from family matters. She also has a history of self-harming after long periods of loneliness and unemployment.

chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/loca … an-got.htm

Yep, marriage is not good to your health.