Where can I go to avoid the drug scene?

I’ll be arriving in Taipei next month and plan to stay for a year or so. I’m very anti-drugs and as a result I have a few concerns. I’d like to become as informed as possible on the drug scene within Taiwan, and more specifically, Taipei. In doing so, I’ll feel more secure in maintaining my safety and well being. I’m particularly against marijuana. So in saying that…which areas or types of people should I be wary of if I wish to avoid this illegal herb some people rightfully refer to as dope? Am I likely to only encounter this drug whilst associating with foreigners? Or would I have to avoid certain other social circles as well? If so. which one’s? Also, what levels of punishment do drug dealers, and let’s say for interests sake, recreational marijuana users recieve in Taiwan?

Thanks for any information in helping me avoid this unsavoury scene.

This is funny, can’t resist but to take a poke at this one.

Normally Marijuana can be bought quite cheaply at the trucks that sell lichee fruit(lizhi). It grows wild along the stream banks in Tamshui. (Apology to my mate, but that’s our story and we’re sticking to it)

Pharmacies will sell you anything they can get their hands on, but be careful for counterfeits. It took me 3 months to get rid of that erection from shady viagra.

Magic mushrooms are quite plentiful because they grow on stray dog shit.

Cocaine can be bought at most pharmacies. I prefer the more exotic Bolivian Yellow to the more common Cali Piss White brand

I often go up to Tianmu to meet up with some boys from here to smoke Opium grown from organically raised opium poppies on the patio of their rooftop apartment. For better times or for trips to Kaoshiung, I go to Yungfeng industrial park(

[quote=“rayman”]Where can I go to avoid the drug scene??[quote]

Might I suggest www.tealit.com ?

There you will find the assorted fear mongers you feel so comfortable with…

And we all know you are trolling…ya troll!

stop hiding ya sneak. everyone knows you smoke. and when you get here and get caught, they’re gonna give you the chair, 'cuz they do that here y’know. they’ve got agents just like you.

hope to see ya around sometime.


btw. if you want to know, don’t ask.

Also it’s best not to look people in the eyses when you pass them, especially if they’re Taiwanese, dead give away for wanting some grass. Eyes on the road and you won’t go wrong. Oh yeah, and don’t ever ask for ‘la’ on your gan mien, it’s code for coke.

Okami - I’d like to confirm your sincerity regarding the growing of wild weed in Tamshui. It’d be dissapointing to spend my time avoiding the area if your comment was simply in jest. Likewise for the lichee sellers. I’m a big fan of lichees and would not enjoy forfeiting their succulence were it unwarranted.

I don’t really have an issue with heroin and cocaine.

If you really want to keep clear of mind-bending narcotics, just don’t go anywhere near wherever it is Formosa goes.

Thanks Amos. Invaluable advice.

Cheers mate. I’m clean too, hate the shit. My old man told us when we were kids, 3 things boy ; 1) don’t get a f@#$ing tattoo 2) don’t chase the blokes and 3) stay off the drugs. Coming from a bald man, who still looks like Crusty the clown, with a long neck of heavy beer in his hand, we chose not to argue. Thanks dad.

Sorry double post, but shit yeah, stay away from formosa. That, my friend in golden.

Great Post!

Hey rayman I understand where your coming from man like totally. It freaks me out when some dude sneaks up on my ass and like lays a dubie on me man. I don’t want none a that shit. I’m here in Taiwan to stay well away from the hoochy cooch. But I know where I’m at man so as I go down to the supermarket and hang out around there. It’s safe. Ain’t no mother fuckin in your face old granny tryin to lay a line on you at the mother fuckin Wellcome. You can hang. Hey and it’s cool.

Hey I hope this helps stay cool bro.

And like keep in mind ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’

I also abhor the weed, and do my utmost, my utmost to avoid it. Especially on weekends. :sunglasses:

Hey, one out of three’s not bad. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I go into my herb garden :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop hogging the herb Chou. Pass it on!



yau sua cool, bu du :sunglasses:

Boss Hogg can set you up with whatever takes your fancy.

Juba, and Amos by association, wrote: “If you really want to keep clear of mind-bending narcotics, just don’t go anywhere near wherever it is formosa goes.”

Jeez, do I have to jump into this thread, too? I had no intention of coming here until I saw Juba’s LOL post, so I had to respond, and I know I’ll regret this. But here goes:

Okay: I did a little LSD way back then, when it was called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and when the Mayor of San Francisco was named, I kid you not, Ellis D. Atwater, and while it didn’t kill me, it certainly changed a few of me chromosomes and that’s why our kids will never be the same as they might have been had I not heeded Nancy Ray Gun’s advice: Just don’t do it. I did it. My mind’s a mess, as anyone here can see. I admit it, LSD is to blame for all my post-conciousness revelations.

Then of course, I did the usual magic shrooms, the Jamaica Yellow and the Madras Malaria, and i smoked some good weed in my days, even pre LSD. Now of course, I just stick to codeine, a little morphine syrup and of course, some sweet Kenting weed! (Thanks, George, down there for sending tha stuff up here. Keeps me sane! Ooops, did I say sane?)

Other than that, I never did the big H, never will, and except for a some minor lines of coke, I never really lit up. I smoke Marlboros for good measure and love a good cigar, but the best weed I ever snookered was in Morocco. Kind of wish I was there right now, except for the factoid that a major suicide bombing just aced 34 people in Casablanca today!

Shit,man, say it aint so! Casablanca is the dude, man.

Play it again, Sam!

[other than that, I don’t do drugs, never have, never will.]

And here was me thinking Formosa was our youngest poster at the tender age of 14! Of course, with only his posts to judge him on…