Where can I host an ASIC miner in Kaohsiung or anywhere

I looking for datacenter that’s willing to host a 3500w ASIC Miner. So far I’m not finding anything. Anybody know anything?

We’re short of electricity this year. Have you tried China?


China just banned mining.

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I think “not finding a place” is as good excuse as any to stop cryptomining altogether.

I’d take the chance :wink:

Power cost is about 13000 NT$/month, is it worth mining?


What cryptocurrency is it optimized for? What’s the return?

If you’re absolutely determined to run this thing, my suggestion would be to spend some more money on solar panels and stick them on the roof. 5kWp would cost you about NT$70K and would give you perhaps 7 hours a day of operation.

Found a datacenter to host, power/data/internet all included for 18,000nt/month which seems comparable to the US. Wife found it but she’s sleeping now, I’ll list the name later if anyone wants. Miner cost almost 400,000nt, mines LTC/DOGE. So yes, it’s a gamble.

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