Where can I learn more about China's "Instruction 626"?

[quote=“Xinhua News”][url=http://english.sina.com/china/1/2006/0313/69128.html]Known as the Instruction 626, Mao’s message pushed for a spread of a collective medical system of “barefoot doctors” in village and township clinics.

Thousands of well-trained doctors went to the countryside to help train the barefoot doctors, setting up rural clinics and disease control stations[/url][/quote]
I’ve tried some searches for Instruction 626, but so far, have only seen this article in this week’s China Daily (which is where I first heard of this supposed declaration from Mao).

Can you suggest other sources that I can try to learn more about “626” in Chinese history or policy?

Also, what would be the Chinese characters for “Instruction” - I would like use them for a search of Chinese language websites, too

Articles about barefoot doctors:


I seem to remember that in Jung Chang’s Wild Swans she recalls her time as a barefoot doctor, but it’s been a few years since I read it, so I could be wrong. It’s more difficult to find info on the actual order that Mao gave, if that’s what you’re after.

search for: 六

Taffy, rice_t - thank you!

Here’s what I saw on the rice_t’s reference [quote]06月26日 毛泽东主席在和身边医务人员谈话时,严肃批评卫生部是

I think this is a more literal quote:



I’m telling the health ministries, that their work has only been for 15% of the nation’s population, and this 15% happens to be the ‘daddies’ of the system. The vast majority of peasants everywhere can’t get medical care. There are no doctors first of all, and no medicine second of all.


The health ministries aren’t the people’s health ministries any more; might as well rename them the cities health ministries, or even the cities “daddies” health ministries.


Medical education must be reformed; there’s absolutely no need to read so many books. How many years did Huatuo (legendary doctor dating from ~Han dynasty, 200 AD) study? How many years did the Ming dynasty doctor Li Zhizheng study? Medical education doesn’t need to be aimed only at high school graduates… even middle school graduates should be ready with 3 years of education. The main thing is to improve education at the clinical practice level. This way, when these doctors are sent to the villages, even if their skills aren’t great, they’ll be better than the frauds and scam-artists; and they’ll still be affordable for villages.


The more you read, the more confused you can get. Now, these procedures for health checkups aren’t at all appropriate for villages, and the method for training doctors is also only for the cities; but China has 500 million peasants!


Leaving behind the masses, recent work has targeted large amounts of resources towards researching major, mysterious, difficult diseases; in the mean time, the question of preventing and improving the treatment of commonly seen and easily transmitted diseases is given little attention, or totally ignored. It’s not that we don’t want specialization, but we should only devote limited resources; the majority of resources should be devoted towards resolving the masses’ most critical problems.


Another strange thing, when doctors give check-ups, they always wear face masks, regardless of the illness. Could it be the doctors are afraid of transmitting their own disease to the patient? No, I think its because they’re afraid of being infected. They want special treatment! Always wearing masks is creating a gap between doctors and patients.


City hospitals should retain some recent graduates without much experience; everyone else should go to the villages! We’ve just finished our campaign to “four clean-ups”, but health/medical work in the villages hasn’t yet completed! Medical work must redirect their focus onto the villages!