Where can I make friends? aka the find-a-friend thread


Salut, I would like to meet a Western lady for casual friendship. No, I don’t want to learn english. Just want to speak with a member of the opposite gender with intelligence, flair, independence and mental stability about meaningful topics.

If interested, please PM


Y’know, you might be thinking ‘all I want is someone that’s not stupid or mentally unstable!’ But it’s best not to express every thought in your head if you want something, eh?


I’m 29 M, american born Chinese from US and in Taiwan by myself for a couple weeks, based out of Taipei.
I’m exploring Taipei currently, but I will likely venture out of Taipei to see other parts of the country for a little bit, at least.
Native English, but I do speak some Chinese (can’t read any though, which makes exploring by myself a little limited…)
If anyone wants to meet up to show me around, or explore with me (if you’re new too), or maybe just chat for a bit over a coffee, (or I’m okay trying anything really) let me know!
I’m pretty easygoing, I like to joke around with people and just have fun in general.



I’m 22, male, ABC and I’m trying to learn some Chinese. I’m from USA and English is my native language, however I have a LOT of background in Chinese. I need someone I can practice speaking with since my Chinese class (I currently study at NTNU) is full of English speakers so I never talk to them in Chinese. If you are interested in learning English, please contact me and I’ll give you my Facebook. Please be around my age range otherwise it may be pretty awkward haha


Hey People,

30m here. Taiwanese, but born and raised in Canada so my Mandarin/Taiwanese sucks massively. I’m visiting Taipei for a couple of weeks to attend a cousin’s wedding. He’s going to be too busy to hang out so if anybody is willing to hang, have a coffee, go for a drink, etc, I’d be grateful. You don’t really have to show me around much. I’m pretty easy going. Always up for a coffee and good conversation. You, me and a couple hundred NT. Easy.

I’m straight, but I’m cool with having drinking buddies if dudes want hang. Let me know.


I just arrived in (New) Taipei… and I’m bored. I’m a 26m American web developer trying to work while traveling (we’ll see how that goes). I should be here about 3 months, trying to learn what Mandarin I can. At this point, I only really know my housemates, so it would be great to meet new people.



I’m a French Traiwanese girl just arrived in Taipei two weeks ago, 22y.
Doing an internship and studying Chinese (Can speak but sot so good in writing/reading :p)
Fluent in French, English and Chinese, looking for some friends to drink/eat/go out/shopping (some girls maybe haha)
Cause I don’t have many opportunities to meet new faces at work/at class :frowning:

Send me a PM ! :slight_smile:


Hi My name is Vance

I’m an 25 year old male Asian American teacher who moved to Taipei, Jingmei to be specific. I’m mostly Vietnamese and have a little bit of French blood. I teach English like most foreign people in Taiwan. I’m really interested in making friends. If you are interested, please pm me. Thanks


Hi, I’m a 24y local, I’ve had a very different life experience than most people(You can find it in my recent post). I’d like to find someone to talk to, someone with similar condition, sharing our experiences, or normal people who are willing to talk. Much thanks.


I’m 30/m, straight, who recently moved to Taipei for work.

I’m Asian and I speak fairly good Mandarin, English and Japanese.

I would like to meet new friends for drinks, movie, sports and etc.

PM me please :slight_smile:


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m 24/f Singaporean Chinese, fluent in English and Mandarin.
Currently learning Russian, so if any of you speak Russian let’s hang out together! :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I’m looking for people who would like to cycle around Taipei City to explore the place.
Have been here for almost 3 years, but I’m really bad with directions and pretty much an otaku-ish kinda girl, so I only know my way around Gong Guan (my campus area), Shi Da and Dong Qu (ZXFX,XS&DH) where my classmates like to shop at.

PM me to ride together or let’s go for coffee!


I feel like I’m browsing through classifieds! Yet I’m still gonna post and pm you guys!

I’m 23yr old female from New Zealand. I moved here about a month ago and I’m living in Taoyuan which is so boring I’ve spent most my weekends in Taipei (which is very easy to get to). Keen to just meet up with people from either Taipei or Taoyuan. I’m a really social person so I’ve found the move here (where I don’t speak the language nor know anyone) a very lonely one.

Trying to learn Mandarin but otherwise wanting to hang out with people who I can speak english to without having to reduce it to half speed and use the simplest vocab.

PM me and lets hang out!


Hi all, I am 27yr old male from Taiwan. Used to live in China and Canada for 8 years for each.

I am looking for friends whose 1st language is not Mandarin and can speak English well. I am confident with my English speaking, and would like to keep practicing this 2nd language or I am afraid I will forget how to speak once I stop using it haha.

PM me and let’s hang out togeter :slight_smile:


Cool thread!

I’m Jimmy, 29/m, young at heart, and will be moving back to Taiwan after 10+ years in Canada! (I was born in Kaoshiung but grew in Malaysia studying O levels). I can speak both Mandarin and English.

If you’re into urban exploration, video/board games, nature, design/startups, drop me a PM and let’s hang out :slight_smile:


i just know how to talk in english,
Im prime currently studying studying traditional elementary mandarin chinese at 土城國小 小學補校 新北市土城區 during monday, tuesday and thursday evening at 6pm to 9pm I want to learn mandarin with you.
My skype is chanephraim
Line id is chanephraim
Cellphone number 0919154 735 中華電信
Email add chanephraim@gmail.com


What’s up everyone, first time poster here looking to make some friends. I’m a 28/straight/male from Los Angeles (born and raised ABC), but am 100% fluent in Chinese and Japanese due to having been raised by my Taiwanese father and Japanese mother. I can read and write Chinese/Japanese, so you can just use me as a guide to travel around places if need be. :smiley:

With that being said, I just moved to BanQiao two days ago and will be staying here for at least 6 months to a year, so I figure I might as well make a couple friends, whether it be local or expat (male or female doesn’t matter). I’m down to meet up for coffee, kick it and explore places, grab dinner, grab a beer, go clubbing, poker nights, etc. and the list goes on. So if you’re looking to make a new friend or just want to learn the language, shoot me a message and we can start from there. :sunglasses:



Male 43, BBC from London. Haven’t been here long. Taipei.

Looking for anyone into pool, poker, psi-trance, football (watching it with a few beers not playing).




Hi ,

I’m Enrique , spanish 33 years old . I will be here in Taipei 2 months , but for sure I have to come back again.
I would like to meet people and hang around , take beers, poker , whatever to have a good time :slight_smile:


Hi Taiwan,

I’m going to be in this beautiful country for a few months (Xindian) and would love to meet new people and make some friends while I am here.
I am an ABC so my english is superb and my Mandarin is maybe 4 out of 10, 5 if I’m being generous. I am 25/Straight/Male from California and I enjoy eating, playing basketball, working out, and listening to music (especially dance music), but generally down to do almost anything and experience new things. Let’s meet up for coffee, beer, food, or even a language exchange! Male/female, local/expat, it doesn’t matter.

Shoot me a PM or send me an email or Line!

email: fu.abner@gmail.com
Line: justchase

Hope to hear from you!