Where can I make friends? aka the find-a-friend thread


Hey everyone! I’m a 30 yr old ABC, born and raised in Dallas, TX. I recently moved to Taipei after finishing my PhD in Chicago and will start working in the biotech industry here. I’m currently learning Chinese but could always use someone who is fluent to help me out. I don’t know anybody here yet, so it would be great to find some new friends to watch sports, grab drinks, and explore the city with. PM me or add me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/jhsuperman or Line: jhsuperman

(Also, to any fellow geeks out there: I am seriously jonesing for some Magic the Gathering and/or boardgaming…)


What is a good spot to hang out on the weekends for Chinese American Girl in her late 20’s? I dont mind mingling with locals, but my preferred crowd is expats.


Hey! I’m looking for a buddy who is also new to Taipei and would like to go city exploring with me or is up for some long but not hardcore hiking around the city.


hi, im Sean there. I would like to find someone to do language exchange and hang out with.I live in taipei and my English level is not so bad, I just want to have the environment to speak in English. Therefore, you don’t need to prepare anything. We can just walk along the night market or hang out somewhere to share our life experience. As for Spanish, I have only learned letras and pronunciation. Perhaps you can teach more vocabularies or grammar:) In terms of Chinese, you can tell me how can I help you. I’ll try ny all best to make you progress.

btw, I love to travel. I’ve been to Africa for almost two months this summer. If there’s anyone want to travel around taiwan or abroad together, we can make friends first!

Last, here’s my Facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/sean.tzeng.5
LINE ID:sean840328
you can feel free to contact me.

Best wishes,
Sean :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


you can add me on face book facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006743597367


Hey everyone,

Late-ish twenties girl who’s just moved back to Taipei to be with family after almost 10 years in the States. Dual degrees, work in finance, and was just in NYC for four years. It’s been an abrupt awakening to find that it’s different living in a place as a student vs working in it, so would love to make more friends! Please kindly PM me here. :slight_smile:

I’m into photography, sports, music, reading, gaming, all sorts really, just not into being bored. Definitely down to hangout. :slight_smile:


If anyone is interested in hanging out with Americans playing board games such as Caverna, Cosmic Encounter, Letters from White Chapel, Avatar, Resistance Avalon, etc, etc. Let me know. We prefer English speaking folks, and not limited to Americans only. There are some Taiwanese friends that play this game too and we don’t mind either, although I think they are also trying to learn English by hanging out with us. I personally am fluent in Chinese as well but prefer my native tongue. :slight_smile: If you have games we don’t have and are intriguing, we’ll also be down with that (always good for a first try…)


Hello Folks! Can’t say I am new to Taiwan as I am already here for 2.5 years now but broke up with my long term tw girl friend a while back and feel like meeting some new people. I am working as International Sales, turned 30, have a passion for outdoor stuffs/adventure and am usually making weekend trips all around Taiwan. I am quite nerdy as well - I like reading fantasy books/playing video games and can watch movies/tv series all day when I feel like it. I am extremely impulsive and do not really have some long term plan - life is now and you only live once is sort of my mantra. Some girls I met (specially tw) do not take very well to this type of attitude and think I am too easy going. I like Taiwan a lot so thinking about staying here for longer if things turn out well. Anyways I am going to be here for atleast couple more years. I am also learning mandarin and would like to increase my spoken skills. If you are easygoing, adventurous, single girl - Give me a buzz. If you are just looking for a friend or LE - then also give me a buzz. My line is panda680. Cheers


I’m a Taiwanese girl and want to meet many people here.
I am 21 years old and live in Taipei. I am laid back and friendly.
I like biking and hiking. Also some stuff like drinking, watching movies, playing games and just whatever sounds interesting.
Hope to get your message. :slight_smile:

my email: mbmm9293@gmail.com


Well, I’m a 26 year old (male) American expat staying around Taipei for a few months. I’m currently taking classes to improve my Mandarin, but it has been pretty hard to meet people since I’ve been here. I’d love to meet some people to chat with or hang out with, but admittedly, my Mandarin isn’t great. Send me a PM or something if you want to chat.


Hey all,

Gonna be in Taipei for a bit, getting away from the grind. Looking to just maximise my time and experience here.
I’m up for anything, exploring the city, the food, the culture, the hidden gems and am also up for hikes, games, movies, or just bumming around and chit-chatting.
Male, 32, don’t really call any place home. Born in Indo, raised in Singapore, college in the east coast, worked in SoCal. Asian but quite Americanized.

So, yea, PM me. Can send you my FB, WA particulars if you wanna sneak peek or confirmation I’m not a bot or alien. Lol, cheers!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Beckie, and I am going to be attending MTC at NTNU in March. I’m 25, from California, and am looking to meet fun new friends who can show me the best kept secrets in Taipei (and a some really good friends to steer my away from the dangerous parts!). I would especially love to get to know any other MTC students who will be attending the Spring Session. PM Me, or my WeChat ID is Hapamixed

Lets make friends, yes?


Visiting Taiwan for about a month or two and was just wondering what the best way are to find locals or non locals to become friends with. Whether it is for leisure, fun, or just grabbing some lunch.

Looking for active forums, groups, or phone apps in order to get comfortable with person(s) before I get there so we can have fun without that awkward introduction when we meet in person for the first time.

I am already on Forumosa Friends, but it doesn’t seem active enough. (I will check back frequently to see if this changes).

I wouldn’t mind finding a nice casual girl to hang out with while I am there, but I am mainly looking for friends that is on the same boat as me.

1. Has free time 2. Preferably on vacation 3. Knows a little bit of English even though I am more than capable of speaking Mandarin 4. Knows to have fun

**Most important part: Over the age of 18.


I’d like to meet another Chinese-born Canadian as well.


I am all for meeting new people!

Do you happen to know of any other English/Mandarin forums that is specifically to meet locals or non locals in Taiwan? Mainly for like leisure and what not?



I’m a return Taiwanese who lived in Canada for 16 years. NIce to meet you


Yo, 'sup. This is Alvis, a local who likes to hang out with foreigners. I am a single male, 25 yr, and am into singing, reading, volleyball, hiking, and road trips (I have a scooter so i can take u to places :P) Having dating an American for half a year, I’ve become very attracted to western girls, esp American ones. I live in Da’an (Taipei). Originally from Yilan Country (God, I miss the smell of those rice paddies! :bow: ), I moved to Taipei half a year ago and have been exploring this fascinating city ever since. I am down with hanging out with dudes too.

If any of y’all wanna meet up, feel free to PM me. I won’t bite :slight_smile:
Simply dropping me a “LINE” will do too. LINE ID alvis514 Skype: alvisspeaking

Talk to you then.


Hey guys! My name is Jenny and I am 25yo from Taichung. I used to live in Oxford for 4 years, then Dublin for 5, and most recently Singapore for 1.5 years. I am currently staying in Taiwan for a couple of months in order to spend some quality family time. As all of my friends are abroad, I don’t really have any in Tw and I’m extremely bored! I’m hoping to make some friends here, so please feel free to PM me!


Hi! I’m wondering if there’s anyone around Tainan who would like to meet up, have a drink and chat for a couple hours. I’m flexible.

PS: I’m a non-Taiwanese Asian, and my Mandarin will be punctuated by many frantic hand-waves. Thanks!


Always meet friends in the common place like mall etc…