Where can I make friends? aka the find-a-friend thread


31 year old Taiwanese American guy, newly Kaohsiung. Anyone here wants to hang out?


If you guys wanna meet new friends, come to our hash group on sundays! www.chinahash.org.


I live in Taipei, but I will visit Taichung for the weekend. 29th/30th/31st does anyone wanna meet up, or have ideas on what to do?


Does anybody live in Taichung?
I’d like to meat some friends in Taichung.
if you are looking for friends in Taichung too,
please left write down your Line or WeChat ID,or add me.
my Line ID is wesley_kai

26 years old
lived in Taiping Taichung



I’m 25+ female HK Chinese and speak English.
I leave next weekend and would like to see if anyone would like to meet up over drinks / night out on Saturday /chat / social.
I currently staying in Nangang.

Let me know if you would like to meet someone new!


Hi I’m Vincent
I’m work in trading company for export hand tool, however my English ability that it is not good enough.
so, I want to have some foreigner friend to improve my English as well as make more friends.
If you don’t mind my English is not good, we can be a friend also I can teach you Chinese and Taiwan’s culture.
We can just talk by using email, or you can join my friends party ever weekend but they are Taiwanese and like to drink beer a lot…
My email: hotdog19870316@gmail.com
Just ignore this, if you don’t want.



just wondering if anyone know any facebook group for meeting new friends in taiwan which connects locally ?


hi all,
My name is Arvind Sharma.I am new to this Forum.


There are a few language exchange groups on FB.


We can be friends and I can help you to improve your English but once I’ll be there in Taiwan soon on my next trip. :slight_smile:


we three are learning eng now
wanna find someone to practice the conversation

maybe we can have the dinner, get sone drinks and make friends.
location:tainan near tainan university
give me a call please oe text me0916622435
line wusyigg311


Just NOT the way to make friends anywhere.

What are YOU going to bring to the friendship?


Hey guys. I just recently moved to taiwan from the states and i wanted to make some taiwanese guy friends. I want some friends to have a beer with or watch movies with. I am taiwanese, male, 30 years old but i was born in the US. I am fluent in mandarin and taiwanese. I am currently learning and practicing chinese songs because i know ktv is a big part of the culture here though i find jay chou songs hard to sing to. I know all the dice and hand games for ktv also ans know how to play mahjong and big 2. Was taught by my parents. I am also having badminton lessons once a week cause i know that is like the popular sport here. I feel i can relate better to taiwan locals so i want to find some taiwan local guys. I also don’t mind buying them drinks or dinner to get my foot in the door. Do you guys have any recommendations on how to find a good crew of guys?


No one?


Start by having your badminton coach introduce you to a group that regularly plays at your place of practice. Once you get to know them and they know you better, they will extend the invite.

I say that because KTV/drinking/eating out are the norm and any group of people with any kinds of hobbies will do those three activities on top of their hobby or as a way to wind down.

I don’t want to sound too harsh, but if you find yourself in the midst of young dads, that’s probably not the best group of people to hang out with. Their time will be consumed by kid/wife and any extra time they have, they will be “hobbying”. Their eating out/KTV/drinking days are well behind them.


Ok thanks i will try the badminton route. I mentioned the ktv thing because if u cant speak or sing in mandarin ur not gonna have a good time among local taiwanese people. Last time i went to ktv and i couldnt sing any songs.


With KTV, you gotta start somewhere. I knew maybe one or two songs my first time and slowly found some songs within my vocal range and lyrics that I could actually read. It’s been 6-8 years and I’m still singing the same old songs.

Make sure you know the crowd before going. Some go to get drunk and…just drink. Others will go to show that they could bring American Idol back on air because they’re just that good.


want to meet some nice friend in taitung~

who long time stay here ?

where can find good food and nice beer in taitung


Hey everyone! First of all, excuse my english! Haha, i am a student here in taiwan,i am half japanese/filipina. Born and raised in the ph​:hugs:, i havent met anyone that are more into doing outdoor activities, i find some taiwanese girls/boys very shy, especially when they know that you can’t speak perfect mandarin, they just wont talk to you! So i thought about writing here, and hoping to meet someone, i love stepping out of my comfort zone! Help me complete my bucket lists! :hugs:


Hi, Hellokitty22, Can I make friend with you because I want to practice my English skill, but I have some problem I think the Taiwanese is always being nice to foreigners, I think it’s easy to make friends if you ask them some questions and hang out with them :slight_smile:.