Where can I make friends? aka the find-a-friend thread


So I can practice my English skill is not very enticing to the other party who wants to MAKE FRIENDS.


Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:
My friend want to go to Australia and introduce me language exchange party and I thought maybe can provide some information to friends in Taiwan and practice English in other hand, haha


if you ever happen to be in Taichung/Chang hua county or Nantou and don’t know what to do or where to visit, you can look me up. I’m 30 years old Taiwanese and love to make new acquaintance with ppl from other countries.


Highly recommend www.meetup.com – it’s very active in Taiwan now and you can use it to find friends based on interest with planned activities to attend. Win-win-win!


who want to chat with me?
i’m taiwanese


i just moved from msia to taipei because of work. I am new to this city and would like to meet new local friends. I speak english and mandarin fluently.


Meetup.com is very active here


Hey, don’t if you’re still looking for a friend but I’ll chat with you.


Late twenties girl who spent the last couple of years bouncing between Taiwan and the States, but I’m back for good this time! Would love to make new friends in Taipei, as I’ve a lot of local friends, but since I spent 10+ in the States, sometimes I just want to talk in English, heh! Also trying to figure out how to PM on the new forums… (that’s how long it’s been since I’ve visited Forumosa).


Hello everyone. I am just a Canadian guy new to Taipei and it would be great to meet new people. Would anybody like to meet up, local or foreigner? Open to anybody who is nice. I know there are plenty of social events in Taipei but it would also be interesting to see what people respond to this post. My hobbies include: reading (fiction, history and psychology), tai chi, podcasts, and a bit of travel. Hope to hear from a few or more people. Thanks.


Hi, Singaporean male here would like to know some Taiwanese friends!

Hit me up!




Hi, I’m still in the states and wont be visiting taiwan until next year, but if you are still looking for friends and want to speak English then, I would be happy to meet and say hi. I’ll be bringing my wife too, so it’s not like I’m some weird guy who is trying to pick you up. We are both native English speakers and understand elementary Mandarin and she understands Cantonese pretty fluently.



hello dear it will be pleasure to meet you if you don’t mind .





Someone does fall into the bunny trap.


Brandon440’s enticing invitation will fall on deaf ears as Jessica Rabbit hasn’t been seen here since 2012.

Also, Brandon, you don’t just call a woman “dear” that you haven’t even gotten acquainted with. That’s pretty poor form and probably won’t win her over (if she were even still here). This is a thread to meet friends. OKCupid is that way, brother.


Hello ~
I am a Taiwanese girl name is Emily
I live in Taichung want to know some foreign people, can speak or chat but my English is not very good.
if you are interested
you can add me Line Id : emily993


i want to gain more perspective from you guys and also have a good time with you>__<