Where can I meet friends in Tainan

I am a Taiwanese but grew up in Singapore, and lately I have moved back to Tainan due to work. I find it a little hard to adapt the life over here as i have minimum social circle around here. Therefore is there any place or group that allows me to meet more friends?
feeling puzzled.

What do you enjoy doing? Taiwan is just like most places in that you can find groups that like to do various hobbies together so this could be a start. I will warn you that many Taiwanese people work long hours/don’t like doing things/aren’t as interested in making new friends as they get older so these groups aren’t as commonplace as in some countries, but a basic search on Facebook should throw up some results.

Thank Wai for the heads up and basically i used to play soccer but you know when age is catching up you cant run as far. hahaha so maybe i will try a little luck on facebook , thank you.

Well in that case I can help you a little more, here’s a group that I play with sometimes (not as often as I’d like), they meet every Sunday and welcome all ages and abilities facebook.com/groups/251248361619224/

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yeah … facebook group is the best way to find like minded people

I’m a UK uni student currently doing distance learning and my family’s just moved from Taipei to Tainan. I’ve got no friends around here and my Chinese is conversational at best so what’s the best way to meet people around here?

People are generally friendly and easy to talk

Armory, Legends, 兵工廠 PUB
* Opens at 10pm
* Crowded as hell with foreigners of all types, nationalities, ages, and quite a few locals
* People go here after other bars so they’re already in a good mood
* You would never recognize this place in the daytime. It’s behind trees and bushes and if the lights off then you will not see it. At night just look for the people stumbling around on the street.
* Note: Legends bar closed and staff are now part of armory until they find new plans
* No. 82號, Gongyuan South Road, North District, Tainan

Dive Bar and Grubhut, No. 35, Section 2, Hai’an Road, West Central District, Tainan

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I can vouch for the Armoury attracting plenty of foreigners and locals eager to make English-speaking friends.

That being said, only been twice. Once with a German dude who left me alone to flirt with the girls (Ended up getting hit on by a gay guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that. At least someone is interested, right?). Second time was with Indian friends to watch a Twenty20 cricket match.


Try meetup.com!