Where can I post a job? Taiwanted doesn't work

I tried Taiwanted but the login page says my username/password is incorrect, and the register page just takes me to forumosa where of course I’m already registered.

Can I post it here?

Try tealit.com

Having same problem…

Same problem, you go to Taiwanted and it asks you to login again, but won’t take same login as Forumosa

Hi folks

I am sorry that I have been silent all this time about Taiwanted.com

We are planning a lot of changes with that website, so I ask for a little bit more patience. The new website will directly address the login problems. We also plan to change software, so we’ll be rebuilding from the ground up.

The big question is “when will this happen?” The answer is: September. I think. OK, I hope.

Right now, we are re-installing user registration at Forumosa.com – next will be the relaunch of Taiwanted. When you visit Forumosa.com and have not yet logged in, you see a style of the forums called “Forumosa” with links to stale links Taiwanted.com. I plan to change the default style to “prosilver-forumosa” and eventually add links to ads on the new Taiwanted .com there [You can learn more about the forum styles of Forumosa here: flob.me/p1190207 ]

Please post your suggestions for Taiwanted in this Taiwanted feedback forum.