Where can I take TOCFL test in TW?

Where can I take TOCFL test in TW?

It’s not necessary to add a picture to demonstrate your meaning every time we open a topic. We understand what you are saying.


It doesn’t even make sense because that obviously doesn’t lead to higher visibility on Forumosa. In contrast to social media, I mean.

And judging from the filename, that picture is over 3 years old… (I still don’t get this poster’s point)

Damn, and I think I am indecisive when writing a post…


@eatdrinktravellife strikes again. The plot thickens.

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Debate delete

There’s this new thing…It’s called “Google”.

Here’s your chance to practice:


I swear I’m not being a dick by providing a Chinese language link (you can easily use Google translate). That said…

I myself looked through pages and pages of that website and found test schedules posted; however, not one mentions a test site location.

I can only assume the test will be held at the address listed at the bottom of the page, in Linkou, but I would email them to verify.

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I also swear I’m not being a dick. From here forward anywhere I speak anything I say I swear I am not being a dick.

Well I have a dick and I can be a dick but I swear I am not being a dick. Even if you think I’m being a dick, I’m not.

That’s a promise.

I swear.

Also I have no idea what dicks have to do with TOCFL.

Edit: yes I do. And that’s another level of language exchange. Those girls, and boys, frequently just want dick.