Where can i watch NFL playoffs in Taiwan?


I’m here till the 25th and looking to watch NFL playoffs. anyone know a place? not very many sports bars around…




I know this is a long shot, but does anyone want to see NFL playoff games at Brass Monkey this Monday morning? I’d go to Mayan if they had sports showing, but since they don’t, I’ll have to resort to other places. I know Brass Monkey has the big screen showing the two games wildcard games on Monday morning starting at 2:30am. If anyone is interested, let me know. I know I’ll definitely be there around 5:30am on Monday for my 9ers game, unless someone else can suggest otherwise. It’s really lonely to watch the game alone. I did that last time I was at Brass Monkey and only met a few Brits who obviously aren’t into NFL 'foot’ball.


How packed does the Brass Monkey get for the games? I am flying into Taipei Monday morning at 6:00AM and am hoping to catch the second half of the Chargers v. Broncos game. My hotel is near Brass Monkey so I thought that would be a good option. Any thoughts or insights?


I was there last week for my 9ers vs Cheeseheads game starting 5:30am, and there were about 15 of us, mostly 9ers fans. I plan to be there 2:00 am this coming Monday morning… should be a fun game… not sure about the Chargers v. Broncos game but I might be able to stay and watch that afterwards.


I need to watch my 49’ers dismantle the Seahawks, which I think starts Monday 7:30 AM.

What’s open that early, or that late? Up in Tianmu is even better if possible.

Not sure I can find a reliable internet feed to watch at home.


[quote=“stevef”]I need to watch my 49’ers dismantle the Seahawks, which I think starts Monday 7:30 AM.

What’s open that early, or that late? Up in Tianmu is even better if possible.

Not sure I can find a reliable internet feed to watch at home.[/quote]

In Seattle? Not much chance of that happening. Gonna be a classic matchup for sure, but I don’t think even that great niner 11 can beat the hawk’s 12th man.

On another note, I am helping put together a SuperBowl party at Mayan. Seats will be limited, so you can PM me with your early RSVP request and I’ll be sure to give you advance notice of the details as we flesh them out.


Brass Monkey is open starting at 4AM on Monday for the Pats/Colts game, I might show up for the Niners game at 7:30. brassmonkeytaipei.com


Thanks for that. I may try Fox Go. “Head over to our FOX Sports GO site for more information. You can stream directly from the website on your computer or download the app on your tablet device. Best part? It’s free via your participating local TV provider. FOX Sports GO will also provide a live stream of Super Bowl XLVIII (Sunday, Feb. 2).” I do have a proxy in the USA. And a Comast account. I’m not certain I trust Fox to work. But I guess I’ll take the chance.


Whats the word on the best place to watch the Superbowl?


Anyone have updated information on clubs, sports bars, etc. to watch live games that play throughout the night here in Taiwan?

Live, not replay. I know Brass Monkey does replay.




So according to the NFL’s official site, you can get it in 234 countries.

The list of countries that do not have the NFL is: Bhutan, Laos, New Caledonia, Maldives and…Taiwan (they say Macau, but I hear you can get it from HK ).

Nice company- places where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without locking yourself in a stuffy room to watch a screen.




Available on MOD Ch. 174.

Admit it- you guys knew all along and just didn’t want to tell me.


False alarm- Channel 174 apparently bought the rights to the Golden Oldies and are currently showing last year’s playoffs, after broadcasting commercials breathlessly announcing “The NFL is Back!”

The tennis channels on MOD are good for this too. If Federer is playing Murray at Wimbledon, they’ll dig up an old Federer/Murray game from elsewhere and rebroadcast it without mentioning the date.

Blockbuster’s used to pull the same things with movies. If there was some big hit that hadn’t come out on video yet, headquarters would dig out some cheapo oldie with the same general plot, put a Chinese title on it almost identical to the new release, and put it on the shelf hoping enough people would get sucked into renting it.


I stayed at a hotel last week with MOD and got live feed for the NCAA (Oregon/MSU) and NFL (NYG/Dallas) games.
Anyone know how much MOD is a month??? Felt so good to just kick back and watch some games live.


Standard package for internet and MOD is around 1000. Ch174 has been playing NFL games for at least 2 years. They love to play reruns that are months or even a year old but they usually have several live games on during the weekend and those are repeated during the week.


You can also use NFL Gamepass which allows you to watch all the games on a computer/tablet/phone. You can see both broadcast and condensed versions of the games shortly after they air live as well. I think it’s about 150 USD for the season including playoffs/Superbowl. Includes access to NFL Network live anytime. Not exactly cheap, but the same service costs much more in the US.


My apologies to Channel 174, whoever they are- they’re showing 3 or 4 games a week, pretty up to date.

ASN on Channel 185 had NCAA football for the first couple of weeks, but seemed to have dropped it.
They’ve been replaying the last game they showed - Louisville vs. Clemson, Sept 17- for the last week, apparently hoping nobody will notice, as they continue to advertise they have NCAA games. It’s on right now, for the second time today, and about the tenth time this week.