Where can l study Chinese in Taiwan at an affordable price?

I am currently travellling around Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Phillines. My last destination is Taiwan as l want to learn and speak well in Chinese. If anyway, if anyone knows where l can study please help.

I recommend NCYU in Chiayi. Tuition is only around NT$10000 per month for full time classes. Living expenses in Chiayi are very cheap too.

You’ll have a fantastic time and might even pick up some Taiwanese as well.

Good luck, my friend!

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A lot of language schools in Taiwan. In Taipei you have TMI, TMC, TCA, TLI, Han, all located mostly in same area.

And universities like NTU, Shida, Wenhua, more.

I think prices are pretty similar across the board? Roughly 30k NTD for 3 months of daily classes
A lot of universities have a Mandarin centre. Pick a city and see which universities offer classes. I can recommend Providence in Taichung and NTHU in Hsinchu.

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