Where can our cat stay whilst we are away?

We love our cat and yes, we are picky about where he stays when we are away. Our favourite cattery, “Kitten House” in TiIenmou seems to have closed. I’m not a fan of any of the others in Tienmou, so any of you out there know of any others. We do not want to put our “treasure” into a cage. We are looking for a “space” where he will be able to run around and also see/observe the outside world. In previous experiences, it’s the boredom that really takes its toll on cats, not necessarily the small space. Please, please, please, anyone have any insights.

I have a huge apartment with currently six fostered cats and one blind dog inside (my 5 other dogs have the covered patio and garden).

It’s cat heaven, with lots of places to look outside but no way to escape. The cats have basically made the main spare room their own (and marked it so), but also run all over the rest of apartment and find little hidey holes for themselves.

I’d be happy to board your cat for you for the same price you pay at Kitty House. Fair enough?

Sean 0920 620 109

You can also try Dog & Cat Life in Tienmu. Dexing East Road. Phone 28377190

Thanks Havilina, but we did try that place on dexing and it only has cages available. Thanks also to Stray Dog, but I just know that our cat would not get along with other cats (in the same space). He can just about cope with looking at others through a window!
Thanks, I’ll keep looking

One of the users on here was talking about starting a cat sitting service would that work? Think the suer name was sillybunnie

I have two cats and I know how stressed they could be when they are moved from the environments they are familiar with.

I have a couple people asked me to go take care of their cats at home while they are away on short trips. I usually go once a day in the evening to feed them, change water and clean liters.

Please PM me if you prefer to let your cat stay home while you are away. We could meet up and have more discussions.


I think the best thing to do while you are away is to let the cats stay at home and find someone to housesit for you. If you can’t find a friend or student to stay in your place and take care of the cats, then find someone who can stop by once or twice a day to feed them, clean the litter boxes, and hang out with them for a while.

Cats don’t really need a lot of attention. If someone is there reading a book, watching TV, or playing on the computer, the cats will be very happy to sit and watch, or lay next their babysitter. Cats are easy to take care of and a little bit of company goes a long way.

I also recommend to people who are adopting cats to make the decision to adopt more than one. Two or three cats are much easier to take of than just one because they give each other attention. I can leave my house for up to 2 days before they start to get bored and fight with each other.

If there is no one you trust personally to take care of your animals, join an animal rescue group like Animals Taiwan and become friends with people who also have animals and an independent/mobile lifestyle.

My friends always leave their cats with me when they are away. I love the company. Would happily sit them for you free of charge. Just supply food and litter.