Where do I renew a visitor visa?

If I have a renewable 60-day visitor visa, where do I go to renew it? Any tips, e.g. on how much time to allow?

Seems like an easy question, but I’ve spent 20 minutes hunting on the web and can’t find a thing. Thanks.

after returning from hong kong?

No - it’s a renewable visa, so I assumed I could renew it in Taiwan. If I’ve misunderstood that… then it’s time for me to make other plans.

You need a new visa for each entry, the visa is cancelled when you leave. Unless it’s a multiple entry visa.

The plan was not to leave, at this time. At the TECO in San Francisco I thought they told me it could be renewed in Taiwan, up to 2 times. But their English wasn’t great, and I don’t speak Mandarin, so I may have completely misunderstood.

If you have what’s labeled a renewable visa, you should be able to renew it within Taiwan at the National Immigration Agency (formerly the foreign affairs police) if you have what the person behind the desk considers a good reason for renewing it.

If you’re in Taipei City, then this is the building near the Ximen MRT station.

Call 800-024-111 for more information.

But whatever you do, don’t overstay your visa.