Where do Taiwanese business people go online?

Hi there, I hope I am posting in the proper forum!

Where do Taiwanese business people go online (forums, social networks)? I’m looking to do business and want to know more before I travel over to Taiwan. In the U.S., we have LinkedIn which is the top social network for business people. Is there something more appropriate for Taiwanese?

Is there a website the Taiwanese use to learn more about the United States and doing business in the U.S.?

Also, is the website Alibaba.com used very often in Taiwan?

Thank you kindly!

The Taiwanese do use LinkedIn as well, is not only US-exclusive.
I suggest googling the industry you are looking to do business with, and you’ll find lot’s of companies and providers.
I found a turbocharger provider just by googling.

As for Alibaba I am not 100% sure, although there are TW manufacturers there.

Pein_11 Thank you for your reply!

You recommend do a google search… Is there a way to search as if I were in Taiwan? I wish to see what someone in Taiwan sees (I wish to see from their perspective).

Thank you.

Yes, you can use the Taiwanese Google http://www.google.com.tw if you do a search with english words it will come up. The Japanese and other Asian countries tend to use yahoo still, so I wouldn’t rule it out tw.yahoo.tw.
Now… playing a bit with Google I found a couple of familiar names in http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/ so you might wanna take a look at it, looks pretty similar to alibaba but cleaner, just remember standard online commerce rules and commonsense.

If you want a sure bet though, I would recommend lining up your TW visit to one of the trade/industry expo’s. You’d be amazed at what you can find, http://www.taiwantradeshows.com.tw/

Hope that helps a bit more, and good luck with your business!!

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