Where do the quail eggs come from?

Like the ones at the night market or in the food court or the packaged ones.

I’m guessing they come from rooftop bird houses



OK where’s the sarcastic filter person is supposed to be monitoring this kind of stuff

I guess I did set myself up


I do apologise tango42. It’s a fair question, and it’s got me thinking. Why can’t we shoot them? There must be a market for it.

Actually all answer so far are valid and useful. No complaints

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I can’t find anything online. They must be farmed, I can see a potential market in shooting.

Fucking quails. OK, OK, some come from here:


I feel sad now


They use the quails in cages to get the eggs, then after that they use the same birds to serve up at night markets. Enjoy.

Same as chickens. From the tears of children. Nothing in the nightmarket comes from a moral place. Want to dive deeper?

Ducks generally have a pretty good life.

Better* yes. Good, debatable. Dont let outdoor ponds fool you haha.

Fair enough. I don’t plan to ever go vegetarian so can’t really take the moral high ground on animal rights issues.

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Thats a good attitude though. No one like a hypocrite. As long as we are all honest, then things can can a better course.

Called Wild Forest Chicken in Taiwan? or is it partridge?
Either way I love both to eat. iI also like pigeon meat and the ones in Taipei are more stupid than the dumb ass ones in UK, I was so tempted to catch some bare handed down at riverside cut out breasts take home to eat.

From 99 ranch?

After a while you might just find out exactly why pigeons in taiwan are so comfortable. Hint: be careful…especially if they wear jewelry!

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Those eggs were cooked in a heavy soy sauce brine for quite some time. Could be chicken or quail eggs.

I think they are called “iron eggs” because they were cooked and dried making them rather hard.

How would they do that with ostriches?

And here we have an automatic quail egg shell remover.

Who’d a thunk it. Not quails.