Where do you have your teeth?

All part of God’s plan I’m sure :slight_smile:

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I would imagine that most of the posters on Forumosa would keep them in a glass by the bed :smirk::yum:


my children sell theirs to the Tooth Fairy, who gives them away to those in need

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In my mouth, where they are gritted up pretty good looking at that kid’s nut sack. That pic is way yonder past disturbing. :runaway:

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Yeah could have done without the photo. It’s almost lunch time, too.

It’ll give the kid a good angle on dates in the future, anyway.

kid: “Yeah, so when I was younger I had teeth growing inside one of my testicles.”
date: “Oh. Be right back, I have to powder my nose.” hops out bathroom window, taxis back home, shuts blinds.


“did you know my balls made the news one time?”

Hopefully it was actually his tooth.

His balls got some extra bite.

Like vagina dentata, but with a twist.

Did he have to brush his ball-tooth regularly to keep from getting cavities?

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Crest testicle formula

I have some great puns …but I don’t want to let the tooth out of the bag just yet

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An encounter with the tooth fairy could be awkward.


will there be some sort of award for the best puns? At least a little plaque?

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you mean the "grin reaper " ?


Shameless! :laughing: