Where do you live in Taiwan? 2020

I’d be interested in seeing the north broken down further. Not everybody up north is located in Taipei…just most of them.

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I feel like the majority north thing is kind of a given considering the job opportunities for foreigners anywhere south of Hsinchu. I guess there’s work to be found in Taichung. My understanding of jobs of the south were pretty much limited to teaching.

Was near Xinyi before leaving Taiwan a few months ago. I really enjoyed the convenience and nightlife to ever want to move.

Almost every foreigner I’ve met here (Kaohsiung) has either been teaching English (the majority), or had their own brick and mortar business (mostly older ones, though plenty of older English teachers).

Hey! Finally somebody living in the outlying islands.


In my mind I’m seeing The Most Eccentric Foreigner I’ve Never Known. He’s/she’s typing their response on a keyboard they made themselves out of driftwood, wearing rainbow pants, and listening to some kind of jazz too fancy for the rest of us.


Penghu has a McDonalds and Kinmen has a Carrefour! Matzu has…

…a good view of the ocean. :slight_smile:

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Personally I’d be interested to see how many people are in each city/county, even. Grouping Yilan and Hsinchu in with Taipei/Keelung/Taoyuan doesn’t tell you how many people are living in those places. And I’d venture to say that most of the ‘Central’ group is in Taichung, not sure how many Forumosans are in Nantou…

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Feel free to start another poll my friend. I wouldn’t do that that because I don’t live up there. I’m also not sure how ready users would be to get that specific. It’d be interesting for sure.

There are very detailed statistics

Nantou County

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You are forgetting taiwanese forumosans.

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If I could I may have stayed central, south or east. But nope due to work I was forced to return to the frozen North. Actually Taipei isn’t bad, but some space would be appreciated .

I’ve known a few like that . They are a dying breed…Literally .

Can we get this nailed down to where the single females (and males to be inclusive) are located?

Can we get this nailed down to where the monks with a bump on their heads are located?

Here’s one



How about Northernmosta