Where does your former stray prefer to do his business?

My older dog Lucky is like this. He lived semi-stray around a couple of New Territories villages for the first two years of his life. When we adopted him, he had a broken leg and had to have immediate surgery. He wasn’t supposed to go outside for any reason, so we kept him inside. We put newspaper down for him so he could make a transaction, but instead he held both his piss and shit for about five days. Finally, he let it all out late one night while we were sleeping. I awoke at 6 a.m. to find him in an extremely nervous state. We actually took him to the vet because we mistook his shivering for a fever. The vet told us that some stray dogs just cannot fathom taking a shit or piss indoors, and if they have to do it in their living space, it really upsets them. He figured Lucky had had something like a nervous breakdown. After that, even though it was a bit dangerous we started carrying him outside every night just so he could relieve himself. He hasn’t done anything indoors since then.

I find that interesting. I know a good number of well trained dogs that still have an indoor accident every now and then The only dogs I’ve ever known of that just couldn’t do their business anywhere but outdoors were former strays. When Lucky saw our newly adopted puppy relieve herself indoors for the first time, he gave her the curious “tilted head what in the hell are you doing” look. Lucky can’t even do #1 or #2 on pavement or newspaper. He will only do it in at least knee high grass or shrubs. Is anybody else’s dog like this?

Umm, my former strays to Carnegies to do her business.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Umm, my former strays to Carnegies to do her business.

How much for one hour full service? :wink:

Best check with her, I’m no bludger, mate!

Oh Jesus! Taipei Bob will give me shit for ruining the good name of his fine confectionary. Erh, back to the dogs . . she’s no dog BTW.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Best check with her, I’m no bludger, mate!

Oh Jesus! Taipei Bob will give me shit for ruining the good name of his fine confectionary. Erh, back to the dogs . . she’s no dog BTW.

You should have been clear in the beginning. I’m not interested, then.

If kept indoors without given the chance to relieve herself, then she will shit on the floor. she seems nervous about that.

Strays that have been on the street for a while are mostly the same as you describe.

Pups and those recently abandoned have to be taught to go outside.

Just a quick mention: dogs need to relieve themselves every 6 - 8 hours; puppies need to go even more frequently: after playing, waking, eating, and so on. If you’re only allowing your dog to go to the bathroom at night (once a day), that dog will have some serious medical problems later.

My ex-stray cats go in their litter box, even when little Ginger was too small to walk he crawled into a little box of sand we put in his box.

Bjorn has been with us now for two weeks, and he hasn’t done anything in the house. He does seem to prefer going in the grass to doing it in the road.

Dofu, however, who we have raised from a very young pup, was trained in less than two weeks to do his duty outdoors. He too seems to prefer the grass to the road.

2 times per day is the bare minimum, unless you want a dog who either shits in a corner designated by her or who is keeping it all inside.

Sambuka pees every 3 hours. She had a bladder infection after getting fixed, that had her peeing every 30 minutes! I have one of those automatic refiller water bottles…is she drinking too much? Sometimes she will go for a couple of hours without drinking…other times she drinks non-stop.

The people she lived with (or shall I say, the people who tied her up in an empty apartment) came around only once or twice a day to feed her…and they gave her only one mini bowl of water…how much water does a dog need?

It’d be nice to get a repsonse to Battery’s query, because I have the same problem with one of my pups. 2 years old (almost) and has been peeing once every 3 hours for about a year and a half. Nothing else wrong with her though :s

I think Sambuka may be diabetic.

Among the symptoms are excessive drinking and urination, and constant hunger.

DON’T GET UPSET! :wink: It’s easily treatable with insulin.

You should read that entire link and do some more of your own research, then go and get some tests done.

Good luck!


There are many causes of excessive urination, and all the disorders are more easily treated the sooner treatment begins.

Vets are cheap here: go get them dogs checked out! :wink:

My Cookie was peeing a lot more than normal (in the house :unamused: ) and it turned out to be because of an infection caused by a blocked anal gland. It soon abscessed and burst, and I wish I’d taken her in sooner to reduce some of her discomfort. :s She’s OK now, bless her. :slight_smile:

Her being a diabetic sounds about right. I always fall for the abused and disfunctional. Just one more thing to add to her list! I constantly take her pee to get tested…but i will do the diabetics test.

Yeah, vets are SO cheap. One of the reasons I decided to make Taiwan my home forever.

We have one that’s been on a mucous inhibitor for a few weeks and it is working wonders. She’s gone from peeing every 4 hours to about every 7. Our vet also advised us to get her to drink cranberry juice. I made my own and mixed it with chicken broth. She also said that it’s very important that the dog drink as much as she wants to. So my best advice is to go to the vet if you’re dog is having a pee problem. It may be easily treatable.

I’ve had her there a couple of times…the problems started after I had her fixed. She was on antibiotics for about a week, and it cleared up. He also mentioned cranberry juice…I also thought ticks might have caused it, because I found some on her…but the vet said no.

I will take her tomorrow…get her tested for diabetics and ask for that mucus thing.

OK, all of a sudden my beautiful Vivi has developed a smelly habit. She has found a corner of the living room carpet and she has designated it her “business” area.

I take her out 2-3 times per day, and praise her everytime she does her biz outside.

I am - however - getting really tired of cleaning up on a frigging carpet after her.

It’s a new problem.

Get ODOGENE from your vet or pet store - it kills the bacteria that causes the smell, which is what keeps bringing her back. Soap/detergents amplify the smell for her.