Where else should I go/What else should I do?

I will be making my second trip to Taipei this March. I will be in Taipei for the entire month of March.

Last year, during a three week visit to Taipei I was able to visit many interesting places:
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Huashan Arts District, Yangmingshan National Park, National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Taipei Living Mall, The Red Theater, SYS Hall, CKS Hall, 228 Peace Park, Shilin, ShiDa, Gonggian, Huaxi Night Markets, the Lantern Festival, Guandu and Longshan Temples, The National Museum of History, SuHo Memorial Paper Museum, and the Holiday and Jade Markets. Also made it to Roxy 99, JB’s, and Club 75. And the town of Dan Shui.

This year I also hope to visit a tea plantation, other night markets, and other museums, temples etc.

My interests lie in Art, Photography, Botany, Buddhism, History, Culture, Beer, Local Cuisine, Hiking, and just plain getting to know this country I fell in love with even better.

So, my question is: what else should I do, and what else should I see in your experienced opinions??

Thanks for your input.


Outside but close to Taipei:

-the Zhu Ming open air arts museum in the hills near Jinshan on the north coast; they have a bus that leaves from Taipei Fine Arts Museum each morning at 9, I believe; you’ll need absolutely good weather to enjoy it, though;

-take the train for a one-day trip to Yingge (ceramics museum and stores) and Sanxia (temple by the river, and while you’re there why not try belgianpie’s Belgian restaurant);

-the rock formations in Yehliu on the north coast, easy by bus from Jilong;

-check out the travel section on forumosa, it’s got lots more suggestions.

You are welcome to join the hiking club for some of our weekend outings when you are in town. Keep an eye on the Events forum or pm me when you arrive.

Buy the Taipei Day Trips I and II books when you arrive. Probably about 80 outings listed for hikes and cultural day trips. Incredibly detailled chapters for each.

Sanxia and Yingge make for great day trips to see the pottery shops and the Zushi Temple, probably one of the most elaborate and beautiful temples in the north. Also the old Qing Dynasty street beside the temple should be repaired by now (they were placing all the cables and lines underground and renovatng the shops fronts to restore the old-time atmosphere.

Teahouses in Maokong in the hills behind the zoo. Check out my thread:
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … ong#432376

Also excellent hiking in that area. And when you come in March the cherry blossoms will be out. You’re probably a bit early for fireflies though which is a shame.

You’ll see small tea fields in Maokong but the best place however to see large fields in all there glory is out in Pinglin about an hour bus ride from Taipei. Easy to get to and you can rent bikes to ride around the fields. Lovely fresh and clean spot.

John, if you have a month to spend why not go a bit further afield. Taroko National Park is wonderful. Shitou, Sun Moon Lake and Ali Mountain are all worth a visit. It all depends on your schedual and budget. There is so much more to Taiwan than Taipei (thankfully). Trains are cheap and comfortable or you could consider a renting a car. I spend two weeks travelling around Taiwan on my first visit and really enjoyed it. We even went to Green Island in Feburary!

What ever you get up to enjoy it.


thanks for the info folks!

the tea houses sound great, as do the areas near Jinshan and Keelung.

the Travel forum was very helpful, thank you.

i do hope to get to Taroko Gorge. I am just not sure about which train to take. i do have friends in Taipei so I will ask them when i get there.

the rice fields and water buffalo in Taoyuan sound really cool too.

i will probably spend most of my time in the big city. but to me this is so fun. i have only lived in small towns, so i really got a case of the “big city bug” while in Taipei last year. i really like the MRT a lot.

keep the suggestions coming please.