Where for Thanksgiving?

What’s the best restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner? Is there anywhere that is tried and true, or should I take a stab at someplace new like Lawry’s? The most important thing to me is the stuffing (preferably stuffing that doesn’t taste like Pine-Sol and is without oysters-yech!). Where to go, where to avoid? (This is your moment, Fred.)

Please, no stupid crap about “I’m thankful I am not American or Canadian, hardy har har” or I’ll sick Cold Front on you.

I gave up on Thanksgiving dinner in Taiwan. Too expensive. Now I just go to Jakes and get one of their pumpkin pies to take home.

Dear Flicka:

I am thankful that… no I do not want to see Coldfront’s bad side…

Seriously, though, I am sorry to disappoint you but I have celebrated Thanksgiving at the same person’s house every year that I have been here. Let me ask around for you. I think that if the dressing is the key part… hmmm that will take some figuring out.


Couldn’t we have some kind of potluck…I used to go to a friend’s house, but now she’s in China so I have nowhere to take my green bean casserole, corn pudding, crunchy candied yams, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, apple pie crisp, or bread pudding. :frowning:

Most of my Thanksgiving recipes are vegetarian friendly (except the puddings and bread because they use egg).

Take them to Taichung! (Wishful thinking).

Off topic a little, but I shared a house with a Colombian and a Spanish woman for three years in the UK. I used to cook every day anyway, and we would often share food. I would really like to get back into cooking, although I’d have to get used to using my small kitchen and tiny toaster oven.


Keep talking like that and you will snag an invitation from me. Where did you learn to cook all those goodies? Let’s see tomorrow is Nov. 13 and two weeks from that is the 26th Thanksgiving. Let me see what the guest list is shaping up to be this year …

My “must haves” for Thanksgiving are

Turkey breast, cranberry sauce (not necessarily fresh but with whole cranberries), sage dressing and after that the rest are added bonuses.

Regrettably, at nearly the same time (third Thursday of the month) is Beaujolais Nouveau. Yuck. Hangover Heaven. But seemingly unavoidable… Life is mysterious. The French are out to get me, Fred Smith, an honest, upright (except after the Beaujolais of course) Republican… It’s all an sinister plot…

ImaniOU & Freddy

you guys are making me bery bery hungry, if you guys keep talking like this, I will have to invite myself to your house for a Turkey Celebration!! :wink:

I always bake my own pumkin pies.

But I get my birds from Rainbow at Grandma nitties. Say what you will about her restaurant… I don’t go there. But she makes a good bird and the stuffing and mashed potatos are good.

My family is big into cooking, and in addition to helping prepare some of their recipes as I grew up, I had to come up with something as my own when I got old enough to cook. In my family, each adult has a certain dish that they always make, but they can prepare someone else’s if that family member can’t be there (or has passed away). In other words, contributing a dish to the family meal was my ticket out of the sitting at the kids’ table. People who don’t cook, like my mom’s little brother or both of my siblings :smiling_imp:, get to entertain the little ones.

If someone’s having a Thanksgiving potluck, of omnivores or herbavores, I’d be happy to provide both a side and a dessert for an invitation. It would have to be in Taipei since green bean casserole doesn’t travel well. And whole berry cranberry sauce is fairly easy to locate in Taipei, even without travelling to Tienmu.