Where have all the Elevator Girls gone? Bus stewardesses and mtv

Ok… . My oldest is 19.
From the late '90s until somewhere in the 2000s all the department stores had elevator girls they were dressed fantastically.
And it was fun listening to them as he directed us.
But then we had kids, our visits to the department stores in the city sort of stopped for several years.
When I started going again I noticed there were no more elevator girls.

Did they disappear overnight? Was there an outcry from the elevator girl Union? They were pretty unnecessary, I guess but they did have an audience and they did do work?

Is there anybody here who still remembers the bus stewardesses? I’m afraid I’ve missed that time having only seen them in photographs and cartoons…
What were they like? What were their duties?
While I’m on the subject, are MTV’s still available or in business? For newbies MTV means movie television where you would rent a semi private room to watch movies just as people do with KTV today. That was really handy and getting free air conditioning and a chance to watch movies with friends.
I live in the countryside and because of family I only drive from point a to point b and cannot really tour the city.

I guess we can also extend this thed to other forgotten jobs that were in Taiwan.

My biggest interest is covering all things minutiae of everyday life.

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I saw them in SOGO around the holidays. I sure hope they don’t have them right now though, no need to be putting more people in elevators when they don’t need to be.

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That’s … not what most people went to MTVs for.


Definitely agreed. I’m just having rip Van Winkle syndrome being on a fast moving merry-go-round as time goes by and then all of a sudden it stopped leading me to think back on the times we had in Taiwan.

I hope this time ends soon. My job has been deemed irrelevant right now as I teach and take care for children.

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I think the elevator girls was a Japanese thing, Sogo, etc.

You still have attendants in the lifts up to the Taipei 101 observatory, which is probably empty these days.

I remember the bus girls on longer bus routes like Taipei to Banqiao, I took those buses frequently from Keelung Road.

Who remembers the bus tickets the driver would devaluate bit by bit with a clipper thingy?


Yeah, one of the head foreign teachers and trainer for a big chain I worked for back in the day warned us. He said he was really into movies and often liked watching movies alone. He told us a few times a girl would come in to offer some added services which he was not interested in as far as I remember.

The mtvs I went to was definitely being your own girl
I loved them even with no girl
Lots of movie selection you bring your own food snd drink and had a nice big screen all for 120nt per person
Of course more
Things to do with a date

And girls pretty much knew what was up if you invited them
To an MTV

Bus girls not needed anymore because no tickets to snip anymore
In the 70s we had the tickets where you buy them in a card of 20 and had to have one for each bus company

Elevator girls were cute but useless and yes I think a Japanese department store thing


In twenty years, people will tell stories about buses that were driven by HUMANS… :open_mouth:


Thanks Tommy for your excellent descriptions of the MTV and the bus stewardesses.
It made me feel like I was standing alongside you. Of course I had my own date…

I just stumbled across this link from a few years ago. Apparently MTV’s still may be in existence.
After this covid mess and I can escape into the city I will have a look around.
Maybe there still is a need for a living room unless everybody’s content to just watch their phones.
I know some students, friend of the family who live in off campus housing and it’s no picnic. They don’t even have a living room just bedrooms and the kitchen.

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We won’t want that. I think people will remain in charge of the vehicles.
AI doesn’t have a sense of human intuition, and there will a big massacre due to computer error that will take place.
And there will be a big rebellion and a lot of lawsuits.

The fancy buses to and from Taipei and Taichung had them in the late 90s /early aughts. Better than sitting behind a betel nut spitting red lipped captain insano driver and amah with a caged chicken in her lap.


I think around 20 years ago they were still around. So maybe they were gone after SARS?

Buses. Fancy Busses, I remember. We’d usually take the public bus out of Kaohsiung to the south.
But when I went alone to the city I’d linger a bit and miss the last public bus.
No problem…
You’d just look around for a notice on a wall which would direct you to the front of a hotel or something and you’d take a chicken luxery bus.
Buses ran all night.
Once I hit it pretty well with my seatmate. We were pretty giddy. I didn’t think we were being loud.
This was a fancy bus to Kenting.
The fancy stewardesses approached us and scolded us to stop talking. This was a bus to Kenting and people wanted to sleep.
Oh yes all the buses public and private had movies. If they did not have movies they had these pretty cool KTV shows featuring 豬哥亮.
That guy was somehow instantly likable

No. No sir. Just. No. :noway:


Sorry, I’m no Sir. I’m what you call in New Jersey, a piney. Other places a hillbilly…
In southern Taiwan, he was well liked. He was on our tv screens all the time.

According to a foreign acquaintance, who was on the show and got to talk to him said he was one of the nicest people.
His persona is just a cool act. To each his own.

As a confirmed Adirondack redneck, 4th Degree ( I have shot, gutted and dressed a deer, and stretched out a beaver pelt…among other things) his character is a total knobbery. I have no opinion of what he’s like out of character. Why would I? lol

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I could say a little more about the bus conductresses but I won’t

Where have all the flowers gone……long time passing

Where have all the elevator girls gone …long time ago

Auditioning for Jap porn? When will they ever learn?


aka Connies? , those who roamed the bus selling tickets before their jobs were taken over by a ticket machine?

Anyone remember the motorcycle, card table software stores.
Step one, look through notebooks on card tables and choose the titles you want.

Step 2. Fill out order form, leave money and form in a box on the table.

Step 3, turn around and maybe out of the corner of your eye see some guy from a group sitting on motorcycles
quickly leave your change, floppy or Cd in the box.

Step 4, return and collect your software and change.