Where Have All the Flobbers Gone?


Long time passing. . . .

The reason I ask is that I take it as a kind of marker that, whereas in the old days people could tell you from personal experience where to get chicken-fried chocolate-covered ants and stuff, now newcomers are stuck with a half-a**ed intarweb pseudonerd (namely moi).

Maybe somebody* should e-mail these unauthorized absentees and tell them to get over here, and even offer to snap them in on this new M127A1 semiautomatic, recoil-operated, potentially-handheld Discourse Thingy.

*not moi


Well they sure as cuss haven’t gone to “that other site”. Their active topics landing page goes back a whole 2 weeks.

Most of my friends are either dead or in prison.


I know of at least a couple of previous and/or current Forumosans who are now on reddit. There’s quite a bit of discussion there, although I’m not a member:


Nice one!


Especially the women. Heck, I’ll go back to posting shirtless guys if this goes on.


Had a quick look. Many topics, but not much follow up, me thinks.


I post there occasionally. It used to be busier in the past. I also get the impression the majority not the posters there are not even living in Taiwan , such as ABT’s living in America


May as well put the song alluded to here


A lot of the old-timers have moved on, and the kids these days (no respect, etc.) use Snapinderbook.

Just looked through a few old threads from the glory days:

Truant, Bubba 2 Guns, irishstu, joes{a/o}x, Big Fluffy Matthew, cranky laowai, TomHill, Richardm, Huang Guang Chen, Lord Lucan/Hexuan, Ironman, wix, twonavels, Alien, Tigerman, Poagao, redwagon, Juba, ac_dropout, nemesis, Maowang, Comrade Stalin, BroonAle, LittleBuddhaTW, Maoman, sandman, Charlie Jack, Buttercup, Deuce Dropper, Omniloquacious, Screaming Jesus, scomargo, Mother Theresa, Bu Lai En, Funk500, Josefus, icon, miltownkid, Jaboney, Mucha Man, kk, Chewycorns, Namahottie, cfimages, Toe Save, the bear, iron lady, Mick, almas john, Dragonbones, marboulette, tempogain, Chris, Belgian Pie, TycOOn, sjcma, Chaon, TainanCowboy, Jack Burton, 914, Fox, urodacus, Gao Bohan, (small “b”) bob, 4nr, tommy525, Elegua, bob_honest, Feiren, Frost, Wookiee, mod lang, smell the glove, Sam Vimes, the chief, Flicka, rousseau, chodofu, Stray Dog, seeker4, stan, Vorkosigan, Elektronisk. I could name a hundred more.

OK, so half those people were raving lunatics, and some are still around (some under different names), but look at that list and weep for what we done lost. Some things really were better in the old days.


Seems like a lot of the old-timers were angry drunks. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, mind you. And thanks, Tommy, for putting that obnoxious song in my head!


Hey! I was quite a mellow drunk, thank you very much.


Looking at that list, a big chunk left Taiwan for good, even a couple passed on to Heaven, and only about a quater remain.


Chewycorns is still here! Mellowed with age though!!!:innocent:


I’m not in the list but I’ve been here forever as well. Feel like methuselah and I’m barely middle aged!


:slight_smile: A few more earworms to get you humming through your day !


Those guys were fags, man.



You must be quite the chain smoker.


May be they are all banned by Tempus Magnificus


Just one, I reckon.