Where Have All the Flobbers Gone?


Some are still here under different IDs and I “reckon” some still lurk. I remember asking a question herein and got a reply from one of the former flobbers in seconds on my FB feed. I do wish they’d return though. Great voices left and right make for an even greater community.

One of my neighbours, a bright talent with a great mind, someone that has been here even longer than I have, reads but doesn’t post. It’s a shame cuz no one gets Taiwan like he does.

I have to also say that Goose and Tempo have done a fantastic job with this move to discourse. The site hums now. Great work lads.


The software hums (well done on that from a former skeptic), the site doesn’t hum, that’s the problem.
Not all the sites fault of course…plenty of trends have been negative to it. Too many people use Facebook which is just mining all our personal information.


A tune and a toast to those that have gone on . They are missed.

A lot of color has been lost by losing those posters


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Well, we have way fewer flame wars, therefore, less need for moderation. Way less spamming, so again, less modding. Apparently, are numbers have been steadily climbing since the switch-over…so, ya, I stand by my choice of words.

Zippidey doo dah…


Yeah, well,with comments like that “Fags” comment from Rocket, why hang around? There are better things to do in life than let trash like that into one’s day. There’s a reason Flob thrived under Maoman’s guidance. I come back to check it out now and then, but it’s often a disappointment.


As much as I usually appreciate Rocket’s sense of humour, that was indeed beyond the pale. He went full Kramer on that one. He hoisted himself on his own retard (sic). But, that’s the beauty of The Flob. Live and Die by your words.

Obviously, I much prefer this far less autocratic version of The Flob. And so do other former flobbers that claim to have disengaged, but still come round to advertise their wares/services, recognizing that we still rule the roost.



[quote=“Toe_Save, post:25, topic:158510, full:true”]
Way less spamming, so again, less modding.[/quote]

Was there that much more back in the day? Or is it just caught more efficiently now?


Speaking for myself, I certainly recognize that I may be off-base at times (some would say more than at :slight_smile: ). I’d like to take this opportunity to note that Discourse is built to encourage community moderation:

We welcome your participation in this area, and I think it’s a fine feature. It doesn’t work the way it did on the old board. More than one user can flag any post, and actions will be taken automatically when thresholds are reached.

I realize that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally would hope to see everyone taking part in making this the kind of board they would like to be on.

More efficient now. It took a while, but we managed to work out ways on the old board that killed spam well and good. But we’re getting very good protection automatically through Discourse.


So Flob flubbed because flobbers sequestered themselves inside intellectual cartels safe from the vicissitudes of the free marketplace of ideas? I’ll buy that.


My old dad once told me, “Life is about flux and change.”

In my life, flux and change haven’t always been welcome :slight_smile:

Everybody’s gone away.
Said they’re movin’ to L. A.

But our good times are all gone, and I’m bound for movin’ on.

I dreamed a dream that made me sad,
Concernin’ myself and the first few friends I had.

“. . . damn this world that just won’t hold still for us! Damn it anyway!”–from Ken Kesey, Sometimes a Great Notion


Maoman was pretty quick on the 2 week “benching” that he was :slight_smile:
I got benched a few times.


Me thinks there was more , back in the Wild West days.
Now we keep our noses cleaner.




[quote=“yyy, post:28, topic:158510, full:true”]

Good heavens it was awful. They would hack into existing or dormant threads. Once like 50 spam messages at a time.

Then there were “ghost” accounts, caught only by their IP. People trolling at the n power. Quite messy for a while.

The software has cleared the bots, all right. Topics could be enhanced. Honestly we shoud focus on our lives in taiwan and what happens in Taiwan. You cannot fix things over there from over here.

I’d still would like a friendlier towards female environment. That requires introspection.




Don’t get me wrong – the people in charge here are great. It’s just the lack of rules or enforcement on content (re: insults) which sucks. Also, I don’t think that that’s the only reason many flobbers are gone. Many people have moved to non-anonymous places like Facebook, where trolls can’t hide behind pseudonyms, and you can block assholes yourself, without relying on mods and admin. And others have moved on in life, with kids, for instance, and little time for chatting with unknown people.


That’s the other emoji we need! :smiley:

:cactus: just doesn’t suffice.



As someone who posts on both sites, both have their plus and minuses. I like them both. To use Roman descriptions, Forumosa is the arena – a little more populist and messy, which can rub the sensitive the wrong way. It can help new gladiators find their way in new and often strange environments.

Taiwanease is the Senate…where the local gentry debate with a little more substance at times, which is why old families tend to congregate there more frequently (however their numbers are dwindling compared with all the slaves in the Republic and new speeches are not as frequent as they have been in the past). However, when they do occur there is still the split in the Senate (populares vs optimates) with favour sometimes still being shown to the friends of the Emperor! :wink: That doesn`t always sit well with old Republic supporting families.