Where Have All the Flobbers Gone?


I love furry creatures.


I like my pets furry and my humans smooth. I guess I’m just old-fashioned.


Yeah…murder on my eyes!


I can’t decide which of you guys is making me more nervous over here…


Relax, relax…no need to get all paranoid. You might want to change that password though. How about trashpanda4life?


Chivas is scotch.
If you don’t like the Jameson’s you should probably go back to drinks with wee umbrellas in them.


We have two cats in need of a stable home…


Yeah i know Chivas is scotch. I was just mentioning the Irish whiskey triple distilled feature , which does make it smoother. Chivas is not as smooth. But my bud was right. There is a reason there is Irish coffee but not Scotch coffee. And Irish whiskey is best used in coffee and not straight is my current view.

And yes, I do like those drinks with little umbrellas :slight_smile:

For the same 20 bucks or so price right now between:
Crown Royal.

I would pick the crown royal.
Hey what is this doing in the furball thread?


Your subconscious needed you to reaffirm its masculinity when icon posted the guy’s picture


I was talking bout whiskey
You meant your reply for someone else


And I would have guessed your poison of choice to be Fireball.


Yeah, well, except for

  1. I’m not a University student
    B. I’m not a girl


I got seven now. Two more only? With Bobby, that will make 10 furry creatures.


And if that guy comes over, 11.


My guess is, Mr. Furry Abs is probably batting for the other team. :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s a bat.


An astounding and yet wholly predictable generalization.
You consistently fail to amaze.


Uh-oh, looks like Rocket hasn’t had his morning coffee grounds yet. He may not be batting for the other team, but a guy can hope, can’t he?


Sure, but be forewarned, you’ll have to get through @tommy525 to get to him…


Interesting…I’d never heard that Tommy was also a switch hitter. But we’d better let him speak for himself.