Where Have All the Flobbers Gone?


Not that I’ve seen him at any of the meetings, of course, it’s just an impression.


Or, dare I say it, a generalization? We’re talking about baseball, right?


That’s not a baseball.


Yeah, definitely not a bat. He’s just happy to see you.


Maybe he likes my chest hair, or my rice gut.


And this is why we only have old perverts in this forum.


I was under the impression we had a few younger ones as well.


Yeah who you calling old.


Not old, not young, just the right age.


OK, Goldilocks, whatever you say. :slight_smile:


Not batting for the other side but if I were my type would be Tom cruise

Now back to whiskey


Icon loves furry men, have you considered a second career in Taipei Zoo? I think they should have some big furry silverbacks there.


Actually, they don’t. They do not have that many primates in their premises.

And anyways, if there is no natural rug, Science can always supply:



My sister when teenaged would always tell me that she found hairy men yucky. She then went off to Paris and returned with a Frenchman who was furrier than chimpanzee. Whatever issues their marriage faces, hairiness does not seem to be one of them.


I hop eto end up with some Asian guy, who are not that plentiful in that department, but then, we Latin girls compensate.


Lawdy lawdy, there be some things best left unseen.


I am impressed, more hairy than me!


Whoa…the arms on the lower right look almost exactly like mine. Is that really a woman in the photo?


Thick, brown hairs! However, in my family, it is only the girls. The men are green eyed and blonde and hairless. I betcha I have more hair on me chest than any of my brothers, poor things. The Chinese genes sneaked up on us in strange ways.


She could be any of my cousins…female cousins.

Long, luscious, straight brown locks to their hips…hairy arms, please do not talk about the legs.