Where Have All the Flobbers Gone?


Ha. Are you sure they’re not “chicks with * (rhymes with chicks)”?


Sticks? I don’t think Latin America has any women’s hockey teams.



I skate corrected.


I saw a petite young white lady at a local popular cafe some moons ago . Petite and cute. Noticed she had hairy arms and then looked down on her nicely shaped legs and man. They were hairy.

Was rather especially strange as sitting near her was a middle aged white guy who was wearing shorts and he was very much hairless in the legs department. The girl was covered in thick hair and the guys legs were hairless.

Strange sight indeed. Boggles the mind.

Guess she was Latina then?


Negative. Very strong willed women, though.


Where have all the flobbers gone?

On a tangent?


Off the deep end.


On a walkabout.


Bloody hell, I want to sell hair remover in Central America. Seems like a great business opportunity.


Where is the taco stand?




After reading through this thread, I may not be able to answer the question of where people have gone–but I can certainly better understand why they have left.



The recruitment drive is going well I see.


Every Friday at The Beer House… I am told.


Yes. I ran the numbers quickly and there have been 1,717 signups since we migrated to Discourse on 1 August 2016. A daily average of 7.6 with a standard deviation of 3.6 signups tells me that at any given day, we can expect at least one new Forumosan or 14 new users to join.

Now, is this trend improving? Yes. The average daily signup rate for the past 100 days (since 6 Dec) is 8 with an incrementally better standard deviation of 3.4, and the average daily signups for the past 30 days (since St Valentine’s Day) is up to 8.6 with an even tighter standard deviation of 2.7.

Applying the same crude analysis to posting numbers:

Since the migration on 1 Aug, there have been 20,586 posts made on Forumosa. This is a daily average of 91 posts with a standard deviation of 40 per day – so on any given day, expect there to be anywhere from 10 posts (probably Sundays) to 170 posts (probably a Monday).

The trend has improved markedly. In the past 100 days (since the first week of December), daily average posts improved to 98 per day. In the past 50 days (last week of January), average posting jumped to 108 per day. And in the past month, 112 posts are made on average every day with a tighter standard deviation of 35 posts (or ranging from 42 to 181 posts per day)


Hair remover, waxing, … someone should set up laser clinics.


91 posts a day is pretty healthy. A quick check over at the other site reveals there have been zero posts at all today (i.e. from 12 am onwards). Great success!


Indeed. I just looked at the stats and there have only been 8 posts today so far. It’s early - there were 165 yesterday.

EDIT: jfyi the day ended with 155 posts


The other side’s members were some of the most hard-core posters in the days of old. So I wonder why so little effort on their part to add to their community. Is there nothing left to say?

Of course, they are welcome back anytime. Their former IDs are still sitting in the waiting room.

Open arms guys and gals of Tease. If you need help re-logging in, or learning to navigate discourse (it’s so simple, it’s stupid easy), let us know. Always happy to help.