Where have you taught English?

mine was only domestic, but there are military and media connections. next time you’re in taiwan the beers are on me and i’ll go into details

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Its due to the way the government has treated people with regards to visas and also the way companies/schools have just stopped paying foreign employees and teachers. They have both left many people in financial ruin and also have not given anyone time to find an alternative.

I would not recommend this place to anyone. As of government figures for the first 2 quarters of this year, over 15 million people are unemployed. So looking at it from an economic perspective, it will be at least a decade before this place is on “track” again.

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Taiwan and Guernsey

Guernsey, for the 99.9% of you who haven’t heard of it, is an island between England and France which is part of Britain but not part of the UK. I taught European kids and teenagers from Germany, France, and a couple from Russia. It made me appreciate how gentle and well behaved Taiwanese people that age are. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, the European kids had never experienced “learn through play” before and genuinely enjoyed the language games that most Taiwanese buxiban kids are fed up of, so that helped. I also found I could chat with them like real humans with individual thoughts and aspirations in a way that I couldn’t with Taiwanese children/teenagers.


Huh, I’m not a teacher and I came to Taiwan. I wouldn’t even know which end is up if someone wanted me to teach English.

Anyone else here who’s never done a stint as an English teacher in Taiwan?

There are tons of lawyers, lepers and crooks.

This would be a strange thread for such a person to choose, you could start a new thread with that title and be more likely to get some responses. #sampling

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If here means Forumosa, here is Taiwan’s largest and most active Taiwan-oriented global online community in English, so #sampling

Yes, good forum but wrong thread.

No, here is ‘Where have you taught English’.

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I mean, the sample is still biased on the entire forum.

The sample within this thread is a subset of the forum, biased towards those who have taught English. Hence my suggestion of a new thread, on the actual question of interest, listed on the main board.

You know what? I’m just going to do it myself.

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What I mean is, the sample in this thread is a biased subset of a biased larger subset. I think we are saying the same thing.

With 555 views you’d think at least a few of the others would have wandered into here by mistake.

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