Where I can buy mass protein in Taipei?

There’s someone know where I can buy mass protein in Taipei ?

Chickens? Lots of protein!

Like a supplement? Costco’s got whey/protein powder.

Yes, I was also about to suggest Costco’s. You need a membership card to shop there, though… They sell reasonably priced whey powder and protein/carb mixes

There are several GNC stores in Taipei, but their stuff is pretty overpriced.

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Adding high protein items to your regular diet can also be just as effective as taking a supplement, if you have the time/money/discipline to maintain something like that.

Don’t take mass gainers. Eat food. Eating protein alone doesn’t really give you mass. Just because you take I protein doesn’t mean they are all used to build muscle. Protein is only used to rebuild muscle during protein sysntheis and prevent catabolism. Mass gainers are just calories, carbs, and sugar. You’ll put on more fat then muscle. Unless you’re like a wrestling going up a weight class in 2 weeks and need that extra pound. It’s stupid.

Why drink a disgusting shake when you can just eat a bunch of food. If money is the issue, rice is a cheap source of carb. Chicken is pretty cheap in bulk for protein. Things like sweet potatoes will have lots of nutrients and calories.

Yeah plus those supplements can disrupt your skin or gut health.

There’s a lot of ways to easily put more protein in your diet. Snacking on a cup of almonds here and there is good. Eggs are your friend.

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I always use iHerb to order, but agree with @Andrew0409 here! Real food over supplements all day! Steaks, Chicken, Pork, fish, Toufu are gonna work much better! And for Mass gainers! If you are seriously underweight, then you could for Serious Mass, but otherwise, As I said, just use the shake as a nice post-workout meal but not as a substitute for real food! I am not gonna go into macros and what all, but try to get at least 80% of your daily protein requirement from real food!

And no, eating 雞排 is not the way to do it!

Agreed, but if someone’s doing strenuous weight training and trying to put on muscle mass, protein powder is often a useful supplement, mainly for the sake of convenience. A protein shake between meals or after a workout may sometimes be convenient if you can’t eat a meal immediately

That window of time after working out where you MUST eat for maximum gains is a myth. It’s enough to just eat proper amounts at proper times every day. And proper variety, too.

Proper amounts at proper times depends on what you’re doing and your goals. Timing nutrition is important, understanding insulin spikes and drops is another level of knowledge.

That’s what you hire a trainer for!

@Marvee no idea how big you wanna get, or how serious you are about it, but the path to real results usually lies in a professional consultation. Unless you got lots of personal time for research.

Eat like mad, train like mad and then … Clenbuterol

Have very little nutritional knowledge. They aren’t even legally allowed to give nutritional advice for money unless they have a certification for it. Surprisingly most doctors don’t know shit about nutrition neither do most nutritionist who gives unrealistic cookie cutter advice.

The forefront of nutritional knowledge are usually people like top level sports gurus, bodybuilders and coaches who have nutritional science down. For some reason the medical community is like way behind in understanding nutrition. Some it due to dairy industry and stuff like that doing research that benefit their cause. Saying milk makes strong bones when it’s not true lol.

Understanding insulin spikes and drops and how to manipulate insulin levels and time your nutrition is the key to weight gain and loss for fat and muscle. It’s pretty mind blowing stuff if you want to read up on it. It will change your body in another level if you understand it. I’m learning more and more about it and experimenting with my body.

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But if you must,
Power house in Taipei has it.

I guess I’m lucky; my trainer is a bodybuilder so he knows his stuff.

I’d refer you guys but his schedule is full enough as it is and I don’t want anyone else trying to take my time slot with him…

I used to buy from these guys:
Then I switched to tofu.

I think whey protein is really good when you do lots of training. Add some bananas, eggs, milk. mix and drink. Much eassier than cooking and eating 5 plates of food.

momoshop and the online shops also sell some but yes. as with a lot of stuff it’s nearly double price on the island…