Where I can buy mass protein in Taipei?


There’s someone know where I can buy mass protein in Taipei ?


Just saw some in Costco yesterday.


Chicken breast!


Unless you’re an athlete moving up a weight class, there’s no reason to take mass protein.

But if you must, powerhouse Taipei has it.


GMC, but it’s expensive. Ruten.com is a reliable place. There are a couple of resellers of foreign products. Order from iHerb if it’s less than $2000NT total (including shipping). There’s also a gym near the intersection of Shida and Roosevelt that sells it.


It’s everywhere. Can order from MyProtein https://m.myprotein.tw


Yeah I don’t really believe in it. Don’t see how drinking a chocolate milkshake can be better than real food. Used to do it religiously, but come on its just whey and sugary crap


Exactly, it’s something you take trying to gain like 5 pounds in a week with most of it fat.

I just don’t see why you would drink it when you can eat delicious food. If the OP thinks it’s a financial issue. I can tell you what to eat to basically get better nutrition and calories in.

This is what’s in probably the most popular mass gainer out there.

Get you some chicken breast, one has more than 50g of protein. Rice is cheap with lots of carbs and calories, sweet potatoes. Easy. Already a better meal, and you can add lots of caloric stuff to make it better if you really want to get them calories in.


I use it to make some of the drinkable meals from here:


Hi bro. Did you order from this website? I see the delivery can take up to 21 days.


I ordered from shopee before. Most sellers have stock on hand and only slightly higher


Thanks, did not know this website, will try it for sure.


Shopee has some of the same products as Ruten. I’ve not seen Shopee before, what is it? Are the sellers independent sellers inside Taiwan, like Ruten or Yahoo auctions? Or is a single Taiwan seller? Some of the sellers on Ruten and Yahoo, and even a few on PChome, don’t stock products or have limited stock and they basically function as a broker. They take orders, buy products the same way you can, and import them, then repackage and send them to you. They charge the actual price plus shipping plus import tariffs, plus their own fee. It’s a lot cheaper to order directly if you are ordering less than $60 worth because you are below the limit for import tariffs.
The only other options are to find legit businesses that import products directly from the manufacturer. Tariffs play into the price, but they get the products at wholesale rates, so you pay less.
Protein powder isn’t a product you find often in Taiwan, so unless you want to go to Costco, I think your best option is to import it yourself at retail price but below the taxable rate. iHerb and Lucky Vitamin are the best options I’ve found for this and a lot of other things. They ship directly to you, and they have low shipping costs depending on size. You avoid the tariff fee and broker markup fees from re-sellers. And the added cost of them shipping it to you from their location. You can get
On a personal rant, it’s because of all the resellers that the import tariff for private buyers exists. Before, I could order as much as I wanted from abroad with no taxes. Then it there was a limit of $3000NT per order, and now $2000NT, with a minimum number of orders per 6 month period. But iHerb recently added Singapore Post as a shipping option, which is only a few dollars. So you can order a container of whey protein for under $60 with shipping and avoid taxes.
What annoys me is that a vegan protein I like costs over $100US for the largest container. I can order smaller amounts, but it’s a higher cost overall.


Get protein powder from myprotien,

It’s my recommend protein powder. Great taste and price is cheap because they don’t put products in stores. Lots of resellers in Taiwan if you don’t want to import yourself.


Shopee is the biggest c2c e-commerce app in Taiwan. Way easier to use than the old crappy Taiwanese sites. It’s from Singapore and came to Taiwan in 2016, since then it has dominated the Taiwan e-commerce market.


Maybe, but it looks like same crap, different domain. If the prices aren’t cheaper, it’s all the same. I know how to navigate Ruten and it’s easy for sellers to create custom orders for me. I don’t know if that would work anywhere else.
And Shopee doesn’t look like a true c2c site. Most things appear to be sold by stores or resellers, but I didn’t dig into it. But there are protein powder sellers on it and they have the same shipping options as the other sites, so worth a look for the purposes of this thread. Still, iHerb is my first choice unless you’re in a hurry.


you’re right but it’s sometimes convenient, I do power sports so I have a glass of whey protein mixed with Casein protein after a work out and it’s kind of useful when I’m trying to go down a weight class to compete but don’t want to go into protein deficit (when I’m cutting). Just like vitamin +.mineral pills aren’t really necessary anyway but I pop one a day as a kind of insurance especially considering how depleted the soils are of things like selenium these days.


What are you weight cutting for ? If you don’t mind me asking?


Arm wrestling and grip sport contests presently. Previously catch as you can wrestling and way back.some power lifting and boxing.


Cool. Catch seems like a mental sport