Where I can buy used car parts locally?

I bought a used van and the dealer said I needed to take it to another Dealer to have a warranty inspection done. It was only supposed to take 2hrs but after 15-20min they came in and said it was going to take 7-8hrs. Still the same price, OK whatever. They over filled the oil by 1.5 liter, I could pull the positive battery terminal off with out hardly trying and a couple days later it started running rough, erratic idle, fan belt noise. Ran great for the couple days I drove it before the warranty inspection…hmmm Of course a couple days after the inspection I left the Country for over a month. It stalled at an intersection the other day and not wanting to take it back to the warranty inspection place, they already F’d things up; I only have 3hrs of Mandarin classes under my belt, I’m jut going to get screwed. Decided to check some simple things. Checked the spark plugs, they look new, spark plug wires look new, distributor cap and rotor, their fried. Gave them a lite sanding and it runs a little better but it needs new ones.

Is it really possible that you have to buy the complete distributor because they don’t sell just the cap and rotor in Taiwan?

That’s what the Nissan dealer told me and they quoted $18,000NTD, YellowHat said the same thing and I think they were more expensive. Nissan recommends the Distributor cap and rotor be replaced every 36,000mi, are people really having their distributor replaced every 36k mi at a cost of $18,000NTD?

It’s for a 05 Nissan Serena (QRV) with 88k km. I cross referenced the motor (SR20DE) to see which US cars have the same engine and a 97- 01 Sentra has the same engine. Distributor cap $15USD, Rotor $10USD. If you buy the Distributor in the US, it doesn’t come with the cap or rotor, too funny.

If anyone knows where I can buy the parts locally, Taipei, let me know.

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No need to spend NT$18000 to change the whole distributor. I know some good services, and I believe they can fix it.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Amazon, $25USD for the distributor cap and rotor delivered to the hotel my wife is staying at this week.

Phoenix, thanks for the offer of someone to do the work, only looking for parts supplier.

31 years of owning vehicles, and I’ve owned a lot of them, only 4 times have I had a shop work on my vehicle. Three times in Japan and this stupid warranty inspection in Taiwan; 3 out of the 4x they F’d something up! I’ve worked at enough shops, I know what happens on the other side of the wall, no thanks. Don’t get me wrong, there are good mechanics but they are the exception, not the rule. I could count on my hand the number of mechanics I’ve met in my life who’ve impressed me with their knowledge or ability.