Where i can exchange RMB to NTD in Taiwan?

So i came back from Beijing and bring back some RMB (the amount is RMB 12,000+ ). I want to exchange it to NTD and deposit it in my Bank account in Standard Chartered Taiwan. When i went to Standard Chartered branch in Taipei this afternoon, they said i can’t exchange it to NTD unless i can provide an evidence that i bought RMB from Taiwan. This is the problem, the RMB i have is originally from China and they cannot accept it.

I know that RMB is “restricted currency” but i didn’t know this is going to be a problem once i’m in Taiwan. Before, i intended to transfer the money from my bank account in Beijing to Standard Chartered in Taiwan but the transferring is failed for unknown reason (almost of banks in China use UnionPay rather than Visa/Mastercard). Because i don’t plan to go back to China anymore, i just withdrew all the money inside and hoped i can deposit it in Taiwan.

Does anyone know any bank in Taiwan that can sell NTD using RMB ?

Also they said only Taiwanese can exchange RMB to NTD. For foreigner, it’s more difficult. I didn’t ask the detail though, but i plan to ask for help to my Taiwanese friend.

I’m going to have the same problem this summer. Going to Taiwan with~ 7k RMB and would like to have it exchanged to NTD. Should I get it exchanged in Canada for CAD and then change it to NTD once in Taiwan or should I just exchange them directly in Taiwan?

I always exchanged RMB to NTD in tje first bank in could fins in Taipei. What is this “restricted currency” thing you’re talking about??

ah my bad, not all Banks can exchange RMB to other currencies,

Biritihs bank such as Standard Chartered doesn’t allow us to sell RMB, it’s the same with Bank of China (the only mainland bank in Taiwan).
My Taiwanese friend had similar experience in Huanan Bank, he should filled a from to declare where he got that RMB etc. etc.

Yesterday i went to Chinatrust and they allowed me to exchange my RMB to NTD without any declaration evidence or filling forms, just that easy, they just charged me with flat fee which is NTD 300

If i’m not wrong the limit is RMB 20k per day

I am going to China, are there better RMB exchange rates here or in China?