Where in Taiwan is the air quality not as bad?

I was looking at this thread: Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading

Did pollution levels get worse or better compared to 2013? Are there any areas or cities of Taiwan where you don’t have to worry about air pollution?

Yilan. The other side of Taiwan shOuld be better.


East Coast.

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Pretty sure it’s worse now. Can’t think of any reason why it would be better.

I believe Taitung County is the only county in Taiwan where are pollution levels are “in the green,” every other county has air pollution to some extent.

If you go way down the coast, to the Hengchun Penninsula (everywhere south of Fangliao), the air is as good as Taitung’s, but as you go north from Fangliao the air grows progressively worse. The other day I rode into Jiadong from the mountains, and I could SEE the air pollution in the direction of Kaohsiung.

Parts of Tainan are surprisingly not bad. Depends on the season of course, but the southern areas (far north of Kaoshiung’s industrial areas) have decent air quality.

If you scroll down this page for Danshui, you can see charts going back to 2014; things do seem to be getting better:

Tainan, similarly, seems to be improving somewhat over the years: