Where is a good map or list of cram schools in Taipei?


I recently moved to Taipei (last Saturday night) and I’ve been talking with recruiters and chain schools over the internet, but I’d also like to try my luck dropping off resumes at different schools.

My problem is, I don’t know the city so well and I’m not sure where different schools would be located.

If anyone has any information on this topic, please let me know thanks!

(PS I’m sorry if this topic has been covered before, I tried searching for it to no success. Google wasn’t much help either).

I’m looking more for something like this geocities.com/allhou/schootaip.htm but relatively current (this one appears to be >10 years old).

If you read Chinese or have a friend that does, you can go online and every legal school in Taiwan is in a government database that is searchable by the public. thousands of schools. don’t know the URL off hand, but you should be able to find it easily enough.

So that’s a very small list?

So that’s a very small list?[/quote]

No, haven’t counted but most are legal certainly.

Haha, OK thanks very much! I have a couple Taiwanese friends here so I’ll ask them to have a look!