Where is DHL?

I’ve looked through some of the shipping threads, but I can’t find an actual location where I can take a package to be shipped to the U.S. My box is about 18x18x18, 13 pounds, and I thought I’d try DHL since that carrier has delivered to me in the past, unless someone has a better suggestion. But where is a DHL shipping place? Preferably near Taipei Main Station, or at least near an MRT station.

dhl.com.tw/en/express/shippi … tions.html

Thanks for the quick reply. Very logical: just check DHL’s web site. That answers it, but DHL’s locations are a little far from MRT stations. I checked UPS’s web site, and apparently you can get a 10kg box at Family Mart and ship it from there? Also, I see that UPS has their Taiwan office at DàNán Rd, Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111. Does anyone know if you can ship from there, or is it just business offices?

I believe DHL does pick ups. Phone or email them.

Are any of the DHL locations more familiar with shipping small items to Philippines and maybe dealing with English speakers?

I went to the Taichung DHL a few times and they can speak English pretty well. Didn’t try any in Kaohsiung or Taipei though.

If you call them they also speak English well.

I also found that the post office also deals with dhl as a contract so if you have a postie with good English they can do dhl shipments

You can FedEx from 7-ELEVEN. I just did.

I’ve dealt with DHL several times, including getting my masks to Canada and the package of Taiwanese election goodies to Canada.
Although I don’t need English at DHL, they do speak it.

You could… but Fedex only ships to and from a nonexistent Taiwan, Province of China. I’ve never heard of it and I’m reluctant to leave my stuff with a shipping company that deals with imaginary locations :wink:

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