Where is my health card?!?

I have been working with my company for 4 months…and still no health card. I have heard every excuse imaginable from my company, such as it was lost in the mail. For the last month or so, the answer has been, “It should be here in 5 days.” I’ve heard that 3 times now. I have had to go to the dentist once, and they have agreed to pay the bill (but haven’t done so yet). So my questions are:

  1. Isn’t this illegal???
  2. What are my options???
  3. Who do I contact???

I guess it is … but than you never know in Taiwan … anyways, i would just tell the boss that if you don’t get it within a week you’ll contact the health department yourself … :astonished:

Everyone in Taiwan -working or not working- has to have a card and contribute to the health system … :s