'Where is My Mind?' Meditation Sessions

East West Culture Project (EWCP) Presents: ‘Where is my Mind?’ Meditation Sessions

Whether you are coming to meditation for the first time or just want to re-evaluate your established practice, you will find many opportunities for growth with this course. In this course we will go over the basics of seated meditation and how it relates to your daily life.

The class will meet Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 9:00pm in the comfortable atmosphere of the Water Moon Teahouse off Fu-Xing rd. Each week will focus on one of six themes. Come as early as you like, we will take the first half hour to relax and drink some excellent tea, to calm the body and mind before moving into our meditation practice.

The course will start May 30th and will run for 6 Wednesdays until July 4th, and will cost 1350NT for the 6 weeks (or 250 for drop ins). Price includes course and location fees as well as delicious Chinese teas before and after class. Please RSVP in advance at: thomas@eastwestcultureproject.org, or 0975977563.

Weekly topics

  1. Watch your mind (May 30th)
  • Beginning with the most basic elements of meditation; beginning to observe our minds
  1. Physical habits (June 6th)
  • Finding the perfect meditation posture and learning how to adjust our bodies to the practice
  1. Breathing (June 13th)
  • Incorporating the breath, how can we use the breath to deepen our practice.
  1. Relaxation (June 20th)
  • This is a fundamental element in our practice and can be practiced anywhere at any time.
  1. Concentration (June 27th)
  • Now that we have an idea about relaxation we must incorporate concentration and find what is called ‘relaxed concentration’.
  1. Being human - integration (July 4th)
  • Our practice should not be separated from our everyday activities; in the end, eating, sleeping and working all become part of our practice.

  • The sessions will be lead by Thomas Mayfield, who is an East West Culture Project Manager and Instructor and has been practicing meditation for fourteen years. He has studied with various teachers from various lineages throughout Asia. He is also a senior student of the Venerable Khenchen Rinpoche.

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