Where is oceans world?

where is oceans world? my friend told me that it’s a very good theme park, lots of dophins and other marine animals. pls guide me how to go to oceans worlds. i heard it’s near in tapei, but im not sure. im here in hsinchu. pls post some links about the theme parks and its map. thanks alot guys :smiley:

Not sure of oceans world, but Hualien has an ocean park…

Is that one still there in Shilin, on Jihe Road, near Jiantan MRT station? That’s the only one in the Taipei area I’ve heard of, but I haven’t been anywhere near there lately, so don’t know if it’s still open.

Taiwan’s most famous animal aquarium is in the far south, in Pingdong County somewhere.

There’s an Ocean World in Yeliu, which is up on the north coast. I hear you can take a bus from Taipei North Station, heading toward Jinshan.

I didn’t bother to go into Ocean World to see the shows, but man, the rocks at Yeliu are cool! I have pix posted here: http://www.pbase.com/500fan/steve

I suspect that’s what the OP was talking about, but I definitely wouldn’t agree with his/her description of “very good theme park, lots of dophins and other marine animals.” My wife suggested we take our girl there this past weekend. I’m not a big fan of captive animals performing tricks for entertainment, but it’s there and my daughter was thrilled at the prospect of seeing dolphins, so what the heck.

As you can see, they’ve got various sea mammals that spin in circles, talk . . .

. . . leap in the air. . .

. . . and do what it takes to earn a few fish. . .

They also have a team of about a dozen russian humans, 8 of whom are females who do water ballet, while the other 4 who are male, perform a comedy routine and dive off high platforms.

Admission is NT$350 for adults, free for kids shorter than about 100 cm.

Our daughter cried because about 5 other kids, chosen at random I believe, were permitted to go onstage and touch the dolphins and she wasn’t among them. Otherwise, I think she enjoyed it, but it’s really not all that spectacular. There are various dead, preserved fish, baby whales and the like in glass cases in the hallway, which are actually a little gruesome. And there’s a very modest aquarium downstairs that comes with price of admission. Of course the whole thing is no Sea World. It’s actually a little shabby and depressing (as one would expect). But we had a good day. It only took us 30 minutes to get there and we followed it with a nice walk on the beach and a great lunch at Jingshan Temple, which is alone worth the drive.

Yea, didn’t see them on this trip, but I’ve seen them before and enjoyed them. The aquarium place is right there beside them.