Where is Taiwanese's national pride?

It seems that Taiwan worships anything western. If there’s a problem they bring in some FBI Agents to do investigation for them, if theres a problem with some machine they bring in forigners to fix it for them (as if they werent worthy to do it themselves). It seems whites here gets some kind of preferential treatments, you know like alien rights or something. Also I havent seen any blacks in Taiwan, what gives? Seems that getting a US passport is the ultimate goal for most Taiwanese…

What the F? They don’t worship everything thats western…if they can’t fix some machine and bring in foreigners, its nothing to do with worthiness, its because they really can’t fix it themselves… remember your living in a $ driven society… they go for the cheapest option for the most part. What preferential treatments do whites get? The vast majority of whites living in Taiwan have less rights than a local Taiwanese. As for less blacks in Taiwan? Thats probably in part due to the fact that Taiwanese are fairly racist. But also due to the fact that well… hell man, there are more Africans here than in Australia!

As for the ultimate goal? The ultimate goal in Taiwanese society is to move into the upper ranks of society… through $$$. Getting a US passport is just a part of that.

For one of my high-school classes this week, we did some reading on Winston Churchill, and how he was voted Greatest Brit of All Time in some public opinion survey. At the end of the chapter, I had the students write their own essay about who they thought the greatest person from their country was.

Several of the students were unable to follow the directions and I got a bunch of essays about Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein (welcome to the pain that is my life.)

Half the class chose to write about either Sun Yat-Sen or Confucius, neither of whom are Taiwanese.

I only got a couple of essays about Taiwanese people doing pro-Taiwan things. Interestingly, they were all about people like 蔣渭水 who did something pro-Taiwan during the Japanese occupation.

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Quite a few of us here. We’re just to busy dodging bing lang spit and studying chinese. :wink: But for real, perhaps the Taiwanese don’t ‘appear’ to have any pride because of the political stituation. Also, ask your self are seeking pride as it has been defined for you, via western ideals…

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The young Taiwanese are the same as young people anywhere, they’re too busy playing and too comfortabe to worry about the political situation here. There is a very strong love of country in the older population (30+). The Taiwanese have a great love of country and nationalism. They don’t want to be the same as another country, the smart ones preach independence and look forward to the day TAIWAN IS AN INDEPEDENT COUNTRY.
As far as black people in Taiwan are concerned, they are some of the only foreigners I know here that can really speak Mandarin very well. They come from Domica, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia and the states. I’m sure if if the OP was a Mandarin speaking foreigner, he would probably have already met a lot of smart, Mandarin speaking, good black people.
The OP sounds very green, but probably a fine person.

This one has been discussed before at great length:
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