Where is the GMAT administered in Taiwan?

Where can one take GMAT in English, in Taipei?


There’s two testing centers in Taipei, and others scattered around the island. You can apply for it and get their contact numbers on…you guessed it…the official GMAT Web site!


There are a number of test centers in Taiwan. I took my GMAT at NTU. It was a full-service, fully functioning test center just like in the states. I remember vividly because it took the GMAT right after the 921 earthquake and I was worried about the power going out.

When you sign-up to take the test (www.mba.com) you can pick your location. BTW: The Princeton Review was a pretty good help. Definitely worth the $$$.


I found the address, however no contact number.
I can olnly find the US dollar price. How much did you pay in NT?